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Add Custom Reviews on Website

How to Add Custom Reviews on Website

It is the time when online reviews play a pivotal role in building trust and credibility for businesses across various industries. Whether you run an e-commerce store, offer services, or operate in any other sector, integrating custom reviews into your website can significantly elevate your brand’s reputation, influence customer decisions, and boost conversions. This guide will walk you through the seamless process of adding custom reviews to your website and highlight the power of this strategy in captivating your audience and fostering trust.

Why Add Custom Reviews to Your Website

The inclusion of custom reviews on your website is a strategic move with substantial benefits. These reviews serve as a valuable form of social proof, providing potential customers with insights into the quality and reliability of your products or services. Here are the key reasons why adding custom reviews is a smart choice:

Enhanced Trust and Credibility: Positive custom reviews act as endorsements of your business, bolstering your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness. Influential Decision-Making: Reviews are a potent influencer, guiding potential customers in making well-informed choices and building confidence in your offerings.

Higher Conversions: The presence of authentic custom reviews on your website can lead to increased user engagement and conversions. Visitors are more likely to trust and engage with a brand backed by positive feedback.

Industries that Benefit from Custom Reviews

The advantages of custom reviews extend across a wide range of industries. Whether you are in the field of e-commerce, professional services, technology, health and wellness, education, or any other sector, the universal need to establish trust and manage online reputation applies. Custom reviews can benefit industries such as:

  • E-commerce
  • Professional Services
  • Technology
  • Health and Wellness
  • Education
  • and many more

Adding custom reviews to your website can provide a significant advantage, regardless of your specific industry.

Why Choose WiserNotify for Adding Reviews on Your Website

Introducing WiserNotify – your ultimate solution for seamlessly incorporating custom reviews into your website. Think of it as your trusted companion, simplifying the process of showcasing reviews, enhancing the user experience, and boosting your website’s credibility. Let’s explore the benefits of using WiserNotify to elevate your website with custom reviews:

Benefits of WiserNotify

  • Seamless integration with Custom reviews
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Real client success stories
  • No compromise on website speed
  • Begin with a free plan
  • Compatible with all website platforms
  • Multiple options for displaying reviews
  • Effortless review retrieval and display
  • Filter reviews to showcase only positive feedback
  • Access to live chat support
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Try WiserNotify and build your website’s trust and credibility.

Adding Custom Reviews Using WiserNotify: Step-by-step process

When you decide to incorporate custom reviews into your website, follow these steps using the WiserNotify integration. Before you begin, make sure you have a WiserNotify account. If you don’t have one, sign up to get started. Now, let’s proceed with the practical steps to add custom reviews to your website:

Step 1: Install pixel code on your website. Paste it in your website’s <head></head> tag. It’s the best place to add pixel code.

adding Pixel code WiserNotify

Step 2: To add the custom reviews on the website you need to add the “Social Wall”.

add social wall

Step 3: Now find the “Custom Reviews” and click on the “Add Wall” button.

add wall custom review

Step 4: Now connect Custom reviews with Social Wall.

Go to the Data Source tab and click on “Add integration”. And then select the “Custom Review” option.

Click on “Add Integration”

add custom review integration

Select “Custom Review” Integration

select custom reivew integration

Step 5: Then enter the connection name and URL. URL is fully optional because we want to add custom reviews.

add connection name

Step 6: After successfully creating a new connection, click on the “Eye icon”. Then click on “Add New Testimonial”, fill in the details, and click on the “Save” button.

Click on the “Eye icon”
click on eye button

Click on the “Add New Testimonial” button

add new custom testimonial

Fill in all the details and click on the “Save” button

add all custom review details

Select the “Data Source”

After adding review details, go to the “Data Source” tab and tick the checkbox. Now your review feed is connected to the Social Wall.

select custom reviews as data source

Step 7: Add your Widget Code to your website.

Copy the Widget code and paste it into your website HTML, on the page where you want to display the Social Wall.

Get your wall snippet code

get widget code of social wall

Copy the Widget code

get your snippet code

That’s it you successfully added the Custom review wall into your website.


Custom reviews are your main power that can build the trust and credibility of your website. They can help you attract and retain customers, and boost your sales and revenue. These Custom reviews possess the extraordinary potential to elevate your online reputation and drive conversions. The journey toward trust and credibility begins now with WiserNotify, and as you incorporate custom reviews into your website, just sit back and watch your online presence grow to the next level.

Your visitors will find not just a website but a trustworthy partner, thanks to the power of authentic, user-generated reviews. Embrace this strategy, and get ready to reap the rewards of a more credible and trustworthy online presence.


Custom reviews serve as a powerful form of social proof, enhancing your website’s trustworthiness and influencing visitors’ decisions. Positive reviews can increase user engagement and drive conversions, ultimately boosting your online reputation.

Yes, WiserNotify is designed to be compatible with various website platforms, making it a versatile choice for businesses across different industries. Whether you have a WordPress site, an e-commerce platform, or any other website, WiserNotify can seamlessly integrate custom reviews.

Yes, WiserNotify allows you to choose and pull reviews from specific sources, including social media platforms and industry-specific review websites. This feature enables you to showcase reviews that are most relevant to your audience.

No, WiserNotify is engineered to ensure that the integration of custom reviews has a minimal impact on your website’s loading speed and overall performance. It operates efficiently to maintain optimal site functionality.

Yes, WiserNotify allows you to integrate and display custom reviews from multiple sources simultaneously. Whether you want to showcase reviews from social media, e-commerce platforms, or industry-specific websites, WiserNotify offers a seamless way to bring them all together on your website.

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