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How to Collect Reviews via SMS

How to Collect Reviews via SMS for Your Online Business

To succeed in the long run, your business must provide a positive experience for potential and current customers. Your customer experience can make you stand out from competitors who offer similar products or services.

Did you know that 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business? It’s true!

Wondering how to know if your current customer experience is meeting expectations?

Sending SMS review requests can help. These messages ask customers to share their feedback, providing valuable insights for your business. Understanding how review requests work and why they matter is essential.

If you’re curious about how review requests work and why they matter, especially for platforms like Google Reviews and other online feedback, this article will explain everything you need to know.

Why SMS for Collecting Reviews?

A short service message (SMS) is a text sent to a phone using a mobile network. It has a 160-character limit, so it’s good for short messages.

Businesses use SMS to send updates, promos, and requests for reviews. They like SMS because almost all messages are read within 15 minutes.

Here are some reasons why SMS is effective for collecting reviews.

➥ Follow Up with Customers on Missed Emails

Not everyone can check their email all the time. That’s why many review requests sent by email are ignored.

  • Sending a text message is more personal and urgent.
  • It’s a good way to remind customers about your email request.
  • Using both email and text messages will help your business get more customer reviews.

➥ Text Messages Perfect for Busy Customers

Customers everywhere want things to be easy. They prefer businesses that give them quick solutions.

  • Sending a review request through text message is a great way to keep up.
  • Text messages are easy to read and act on quickly.
  • That’s why people respond to texts in just 90 seconds.

➥ SMS Outshines Competitor Messages

SMS messaging is a growing channel that some businesses are not familiar with.

Recent data shows that approximately 87% of small businesses utilize email marketing as a key strategy, while only 39% use SMS.

  • Customers receive many emails from businesses worldwide, so using SMS can help you stand out.
  • Sending review requests via SMS is more personal and gets quick responses from customers.

How to Set Up SMS Campaigns for Collecting Reviews

Setting up SMS campaigns for review collection is a straightforward way to gather valuable feedback from your customers. By sending personalized messages that encourage feedback, you can engage customers directly and prompt them to share their experiences easily.

Include clear instructions on how to leave reviews, such as links to your Google Reviews page or other platforms.

Here are some tips for setting up an effective SMS campaign for review collection.

1. Selecting the Best SMS Marketing Tool

Sending review requests manually is time-consuming and stressful, especially for businesses with many daily customers. To make things easier and free up your staff, consider using a marketing tool.

These tools allow you to send review requests to multiple people at once, saving time and utilizing your team’s skills effectively. They automate the process and enable you to schedule when to send review request texts, ensuring consistency and saving resources.

2. Personalize Everything

Creating strong, long-lasting customer relationships is vital for business success. The more connections you make, the more successful your business will be. Using the customer’s name and referring to the products or services they bought is important.

For example, if a customer recently bought a new gaming console, you could ask them how they like it.

Personalize Everything

Personalizing your communication makes it more intimate and helps your business bond with customers. This can encourage customers to share their feedback, which can help in your business growth.

3. Right Timing, Right Place

Sending SMS review requests at the right time is important for getting customer feedback. If you send it immediately, customers may not have tried your product or service yet. But if you wait too long, they might forget. The best time to ask for a quick review is after a customer has recently purchased your product or service.

For example, if your company does home repairs, asking for feedback right after a service call can result in more positive reviews.

Right Timing, Right Place

4. Add Google Review Links for Easy Access

Add direct links to review platforms such as Google Reviews in your messages. Make it easy for customers to leave feedback by providing clickable link. Ensure the link are secure and lead directly to the review submission page.

For Example: “Tap here to leave your feedback on Go ogle Reviews: [insert link].”

Add Google Review Links for Easy Access

5. Displaying Reviews on Websites and Social Media

Create Testimonial Pages: Showcase positive Google reviews and testimonials on dedicated website pages.

Leverage Social Proof: Share snippets of reviews on social media platforms to build credibility and attract new customers.

Example: An online retailer highlights recent customer feedback on their homepage, emphasizing customer satisfaction and product quality.

Displaying Reviews on Websites and Social Media

Legal Considerations

TCPA regulations aim to protect consumers from unwanted telemarketing calls and texts. Key provisions include requiring businesses to obtain prior express written consent before making marketing calls or texts to consumer cell phones.

Businesses must provide clear opt-out mechanisms for consumers to stop receiving such communications. Penalties for violations can be significant, including fines up to $1,500 per violation.


  • Businesses must obtain explicit permission from consumers before contacting them for marketing purposes.
  • Written consent is required for automated calls and texts to consumer cell phones.

Opt-Out Options

  • Consumers have the right to revoke their consent at any time.
  • Businesses must provide easy-to-use opt-out methods, such as replying “STOP” to receive text messages or calling a designated number to opt-out of calls.
  • Ensuring compliance with TCPA regulations helps business avoid legal liabilities and build trust with consumers by respecting their communication preferences.

Opt-in Options

  • Consumers can opt-in by signing up through a form, texting a keyword, or giving verbal consent.
  • Opting in must be a clear and affirmative action.
  • Business should provide easy and accessible ways for consumers to opt in

5 Best SMS Marketing Tools

Looking to boost your online reputation through customer reviews?

SMS marketing is a powerful tool for gathering feedback, especially for Google review. These tools streamline the process of requesting reviews via text message, making it easier than ever to connect with your customers.

Whether you’re in hospitality, retail, or services, these tools help you prompt customers to share their experiences, enhancing your online presence.

Here are five top SMS marketing tools for review collection.

1. SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting is a user-friendly platform perfect for businesses looking to collect reviews via SMS. Its easy integration and powerful features make it a top choice for SMS review requests.


Platform Features:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Customizable SMS templates for review request.
  • Automated follow-up message.
  • Integration with popular CRM systems.

Why choose SimpleTexting:

  • Perfect for businesses new to SMS marketing.
  • A streamlined process for sending review requests.
  • Effective in boosting Google reviews.
  • Reliable customer support.

Pricing: Starts at $39.00/monthly.

2. Podium

Podium is a comprehensive tool that helps collect reviews via SMS and enhances customer interaction. Its seamless review request process is ideal for businesses aiming to increase Google reviews.


Platform Features:

  • Two-way texting with customers.
  • Automated review invites.
  • Multi-location support.
  • Integration with Google and other review platforms.

Why choose Podium:

  • Improves overall customer engagement.
  • Efficiently collects reviews from recent purchases.
  • Enhances online presence with more Google reviews.
  • Supports businesses with multiple locations.

Pricing: Starts at $399.00/monthly.

3. Birdeye

Birdeye offers robust features for businesses focused on collecting reviews via SMS. Its automated SMS review requests ensure you get more reviews without extra effort.


Platform Features:

  • Automated SMS campaigns.
  • Customizable SMS review request messages.
  • Dashboard for tracking SMS review requests and open rates.
  • Integration with major review sites including Google.

Why choose Birdeye:

  • Simplifies the Google review collection process.
  • Increases review volume with minimal effort.
  • Provides valuable insights with its analytical tools.
  • Enhances reputation management.

Pricing: Contact for pricing details.

4. Textedly

Textedly is an easy-to-use SMS marketing tool that excels at sending review requests. It’s a cost-effective solution for small to medium-sized businesses that want to collect reviews via SMS.


Platform Features:

  • Mass texting capabilities.
  • Automated and scheduled SMS review requests.
  • Simple integration with CRM systems.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics.

Why Choose Textedly:

  • Budget-friendly options for small business.
  • Effective at generating more Google review request.
  • Easy setup and user-friendly interface.
  • Reliable performance with strong customer support.

Pricing: Starts at $38.00/monthly.

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5. Yotpo

Yotpo specializes in helping eCommerce businesses collect reviews via SMS. Its advanced features and seamless integration with online stores make it a powerful tool for gathering customer feedback.


Platform Features:

  • Automated SMS review request post-purchase.
  • Integration with eCommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce.
  • Customizable review collection templates.
  • Analytics to track review performance.

Why Choose Yotpo:

  • Tailored for eCommerce business.
  • Helps boost online store credibility with Google review.
  • Efficiently manages and collects reviews.
  • Provides actionable insights to improve customers feedback.

Pricing: Starts at $79.00/monthly.


Collecting reviews via SMS remains a powerful strategy, offering direct and immediate engagement with customers. By integrating SMS into your review collection process, businesses can efficiently gather feedback, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost reputation.

The convenience and accessibility of SMS ensure higher response rates and timely customer feedback helps contributing to actionable insights for business growth. Implementing a well-crafted SMS review strategy not only strengthens customer relationship but also solidifies brand credibility through authentic, timely reviews collected via SMS Channels.


Star ratings are important as they provide an overall indication of customer satisfaction and help other users quickly assess the quality of a business.

Text marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves sending promotional message or updates to customers with text message.

A Google review request is a formal or informal communication channel asking someone to provide feedback or opinions on a product, service, or experience.

Respond promptly and professionally, addressing the customer’s concerns and seeking a resolution.

You can request reviews by reaching out to customer’s via email, social media or in-person interactions.

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