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15+ Free WooCommerce Themes (Best For Conversions)

However, starting an online business can be a time-consuming and expensive venture.

And that is where WordPress with WooCommerce comes into play!

WordPress’s simple customization features will save you time, while free WooCommerce themes will enable you to develop a stunning, professional-looking website without spending a penny.

You must choose the ideal eCommerce theme from the huge free theme repository.

However, there are several free WordPress themes, so finding the ideal one can be challenging and time-consuming.

That’s why we’ve put together this roundup of the top free WordPress themes so you can save time and find your ideal theme swiftly.

Let’s start with a list of features that a perfect WooCommerce theme should have. Following that, we’ll reveal the top 10+ free WooCommerce theme options.

Let’s get going!

What should you consider while selecting a WordPress WooCommerce theme?

Choosing a suitable theme that fulfills all of your requirements is a challenging undertaking; thus, we’ve outlined some important elements to consider before choosing a theme.

Mobile Responsive

Customers are more comfortable buying on their mobile devices.

You’re losing business if your website isn’t responsive to all screen widths.

Don’t take it for granted that all WooCommerce themes are mobile-friendly.

While most new themes are responsive, they may not work fully on mobile devices. Put it to the test.

Just load the theme on your mobile device, adjust the screen size, and verify mobile friendliness.

Browser compatibility

The term cross-browser compatibility implies the ability of a website or web application to work & look with different web browsers.

It’s not only about how your website looks in different browsers; likely, some of the functionality on your site won’t work in some of them.

Therefore, cross-browser compatibility of a website or application should be a top priority for any website owner.

Everyone has similar likes and dislikes, so they have their preferred browsers.

So, make sure to verify the cross-browser compatibility feature for your website.


For a positive user experience, a fast-loading website is essential.

The speed at which a website loads substantially influences a company’s bottom line.

Internet consumers, as we all know, are impatient and dislike waiting.

If your site takes over three seconds to load, you will likely lose a valuable lead.

A theme with poor coding might slow down the website’s speed and harm performance.

To speed up your website, stick to a lighter and quicker theme.

Customization Options

In rare instances, the theme’s default layout may be sufficient to meet your needs.

Otherwise, you will have to change your theme so that your website can effectively represent your brand.

Undoubtedly, all themes have customization options, but some might have a limit.

So check if there is a customizer demo available for your theme so that you can check the customization options.

Choose a theme with a drag-and-drop customizer so you don’t have to worry about coding while making modifications.


According to studies, 94% of the reasons for rejecting or leaving a website were design-related, with only 6% being content-related.

According to another survey, 38% of consumers will abandon a website if the design is unappealing.

Choose a basic and obvious design if you want your customers to spend more time and money with you.

Your chosen theme should be simple, with no unnecessary widgets, sidebars, or distractions.

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Plugin Compatibility

WordPress plugins are what give WordPress its true power. Utilizing the right plugins can aid businesses to drive more sales & boost conversions.

Several beneficial WordPress plugins are available on the market, such as SEO plugins, cache plugins, social-proof plugins, and form builder plugins, to help you reach your business objectives.

So you must make sure that your preferred theme supports all necessary tools.


WooCommerce themes with built-in SEO optimization assist you in attracting more visitors. Greater traffic equals more revenue on an eCommerce site.

So consider this essential feature while selecting the WooCommerce theme.

10+ free WooCommerce themes for eCommerce store

A theme with the above qualities will set you up for success in your eCommerce business. We’ve compiled a list of the 10+ Best eCommerce Store Themes in 2022, focusing on the above-mentioned characteristics.

WooCommerce Theme for Fashion Store

Fashion is among the most profitable industries in the world today.

We can easily purchase regardless of where we are owing to the tech transformation.

It is also easy to start selling online. You only need a suitable WordPress theme and a handful of the top eCommerce plugins.

Those on a tight budget can begin by using free fashion shop WordPress themes.

These are ready-to-use WordPress eCommerce themes.

1. Qi theme


This theme is ideal for fashion retailers since they are visually attractive and feature-rich.

This elegant theme comes with 100 demo configurations that span a variety of themes, including fashion retailers.

Display your trendy products in depth with beautiful photo galleries.

The Qi theme supports the Elementor page builder, so you can modify the elements without coding anything.

Qi theme is geared toward speed and SEO, allowing you to reach a larger audience and maximize your potential.

Overall, Qi is a fantastic multipurpose theme that will appeal to a wide range of fashion bloggers and online stores.

It’s light and retina-ready, making it an ideal contemporary theme for various applications.

2. Shopstar


You’ll need a theme to establish a boutique-like atmosphere to be a must-visit website for online trendsetters. Shopstar is here!

This attractive theme combines an eCommerce marketplace and a fashion blog into one.

It’s WooCommerce-compatible, and its clutter-free design would aid you in fashionably presenting your items.

Shopstar is simple to set up and connects with popular free plugins like SiteOrigin Page Builder to help you get your website up and running quickly.

You can show off your most recent work with features like the Recent Posts Widget Extended plugin.

Shopstar is a simplistic e-commerce and blog theme ideal for an online fashion store.

Give this theme a go if you’re looking for a simple, elegant design for your project.

WooCommerce theme for Electronics store

Consumer electronics has a large market, yet it is a costly selling environment.

The online retailing sector is mostly focused on laptops, hard drives, televisions, and, most crucially, mobile phones.

Many customers enjoy comparing prices and an online electronics store.

As a result, there is an expanding range of electronic shop WordPress themes on the market.

Here’s a list of the top free WooCommerce themes for electronics businesses to get you started.

3. Buzz Ecommerce

The next free WooCommerce theme is Buzz eCommerce.


This free theme has a stunning appearance so your website can grab visitors’ attention.

Furthermore, the theme offers extensive customization options, helping you to modify any component of the theme and create any form of an eCommerce site, such as an electronics store, jewelry store, fashion store, and many others.

You also don’t have to be concerned if you don’t have any coding experience when utilizing this theme, as this theme has a drag-and-drop customizer.

Furthermore, the theme has cross-browser compatibility, making your website run smoothly on all browsers.

5. Big Store


Big Store is a free eCommerce WordPress theme that is the tie

WooCommerce plugin to allow you to sell your items online.

The theme includes several one-click import sample templates to make web design easier and more fluid.

It offers a variety of features, including header and footer combinations, color and background options, sticky headers, AJAX-powered search, Product Quick View, Section On/Off, Product Sections, Shop Page settings, sustainable product filters, and much more.

This eCommerce store theme is Especially suited for websites like gadget stores, furniture stores, grocery stores, jewelry stores, electrical stores, food stores, and home appliance stores, among others.

You may create your e-stores to promote and sell things to visitors.

Free WooCommerce theme for Beauty Supplements

Most beauty product store owners do not have a technical background but desire an attractive and intriguing online store. That’s why we have mentioned the finest free beauty WooCommerce themes, each with exceptional features and alluring designs.

All of these themes’ drag-and-drop page builder templates enable users to effortlessly design their gorgeous web pages without the need for coding. Let’s have a look!

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6. Botiga


Building an entire eCommerce site with this excellent WordPress shop theme is a joy. Botiga allows you to customize your website precisely as you want it to be to give your clients a wonderful shopping experience.

With three various product gallery layouts, the theme makes it easy to share your stuff stunningly. You may also match your brand with multiple cart layouts and checkout styles.

There’s also a Scroll to Top button, a Product Search bar, and more. On both desktop and mobile devices, the Botiga theme looks fantastic.

Botiga has sophisticated typographic possibilities, and you can construct a fantastic online store by selecting multiple headers and footer designs.

7. Zigcy Cosmetics


It is a free, versatile, contemporary, responsive WooCommerce theme for building fantastic online cosmetics and beauty shops.

This theme is ideal for anybody looking to create eCommerce businesses for beauty necessities, beauty products, boutiques, cosmetic goods, cosmetics, health and beauty consumer items, and other similar categories.

Zigcy Cosmetics comes with all of the WooCommerce features and functionality as a FREE theme can provide.

Additionally, the theme includes:

  • Multiple header layouts.
  • A slider layout.
  • A sidebar category menu with items on the homepage.
  • Several product display layouts.

It’s a mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly theme with a fast loading speed.

WooCommerce theme for Jewelry store

Whether you make jewelry as a passion and want to convert it into a profession, or perhaps you’re ready to start selling a variety of items from other manufacturers.

With the below-mentioned jewelry templates for WordPress, you can quickly and easily create a high-quality online store.

8. Bingle


Bingle – Responsive WordPress WooCommerce theme with clean & classy appearance.

It has 10+ demo templates, so you can easily set up your website and generate profit.

The theme is compatible with all major page builders, allowing you to incorporate your preferences quickly. Furthermore, the drag-and-drop interface allows for simple modification rather than dealing with coding.

It also has extensive font settings and allows you to select from various header and footer designs to build a magnificent online store.

Moreover, you will get an attractive product page layout with a compelling CTA spot, appealing space for your best-selling products & featured products, a well-organized sidebar and a slew of additional eCommerce capabilities.

9. SparkleStore


The next free but powerful WooCommerce theme is SparkleStore which is sleek, user-friendly, and loaded with advanced features.

If you’re thinking about customization, this is the theme for you! It’s a highly customizable WooCommerce theme enables you to build the unique website you’ve always wanted.

However, this theme can easily adapt to any industry niche with its robust features.

The theme’s effective features involve a single-click demo data importing, webpage layout, customizer-based theme choices, page builder-friendly design, individual page & post layout options, and WooCommerce compatibility.

SparkleStore has a user-friendly and straightforward UI that is not excessive or confusing. It has a lot to offer in its free edition!

Free WooCommerce Theme for Sports goods & Fitness Equipment

These themes utilize the idea of sports and fitness and apply it to WordPress. They’re made to make it simple to distribute your material in a relevant way to your target audience.

10. WS Sport


WS Sport is a fantastic Free Sport WooCommerce WordPress theme that provides a professional setting for marketing and selling fitness equipment and sports facilities.

WS Sport has returned many design ideas that you may apply to improve your project.

Gives you lots of high-quality photographs of gym facilities and many essential features supported by the Woocommerce plugin for offering clients a smoother purchase experience without worrying about anything.

Make a professional website to promote and develop your business!

WooCommerce theme for a Grocery store

Every day, there is an increase in the need for food items.

As a result of the increased demand, many businesses and people have shifted their focus to the grocery industry. Here are some most beneficial WordPress ecommerce store themes to develop a feature-rich online Grocery store.

11. 99fy


99fy is the theme you require for a comprehensive, interactive Woocommerce experience for your eCommerce website. It is cross-browser optimized and SEO-friendly to help your company stand out.

This free WooCommerce theme also supports social networking and has unique social icons.

WP GDPR Compliance for WooCommerce, different custom add-ons, many inner pages, a wish list, and many more features are included in this theme.

Here are some additional free WooCommerce themes to choose from:

12. Top Store


13. Astra


14. Rife Free


15. eStore


16. Storevilla


Wrapping it up!

Everything has evolved since the twenty-first century. Everyone tends to stay up with this evolution and expects everyone around us to do the same.

Nowadays, no one likes to leave their comfort zone and explore the physical stores.

So, if you’re a business owner, now is the right time to launch an online store using one of the free WooCommerce themes listed above. They will surely aid you in establishing a good website.

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