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Add Apple App store Reviews on Website

How to Add Apple App Store Reviews on Website

In today’s competitive business, online reviews have emerged as a pivotal force in establishing trust and credibility for businesses. Irrespective of your industry be it mobile app development, e-commerce, or any other sector the strategic inclusion of Apple App Store reviews on your website can be a transformative asset.

This practice not only elevates your brand’s reputation but also wields considerable influence over customer choices, ultimately driving higher conversion rates. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the seamless process of integrating Apple App Store reviews into your website, unveiling the profound impact this strategy can have on captivating your audience and fostering trust.

Why Add Apple App Store Reviews to Your Website

Incorporating Apple App Store reviews into your website is a strategic move with substantial benefits. These reviews act as a compelling source of social proof, offering pivotal guidance to potential users during their decision-making journey. Here are key reasons to underscore why the integration of Apple App Store reviews is a judicious choice:

Enhanced Trust and Credibility: Positive reviews sourced from the App Store can profoundly bolster the credibility of your mobile app or brand. They serve as a testament to the quality and reliability of your offering.

Influential Decision-Making: Reviews wield significant influence over potential users, assisting them in making well-informed decisions regarding your app. Real-life user experiences can be powerful motivators.

Amplified Conversions: The presence of positive App Store reviews on your website is a catalyst for increased user engagement and heightened app installations. These reviews instill trust and confidence, ultimately driving more conversions.

Industries that Benefit from Apple App Store Reviews

Apple App Store reviews are not confined to a specific industry. Whether you are in the mobile app business, offer services, or belong to any other sector, the universal need to build trust and manage online reputation applies. Here’s a list of industries that can benefit from Apple App Store reviews:

  • Mobile App Development
  • E-commerce
  • Services
  • Technology
  • Health and Fitness
  • Education
  • and more

Adding Apple App Store reviews to your website can provide a significant advantage, regardless of your industry.

Why WiserNotify is Best for Adding Reviews on the Website

Introducing WiserNotify – your ultimate tool for seamlessly incorporating Apple App Store reviews into your website. Think of it as your trusted ally, effortlessly bringing reviews to your site, enhancing the user experience, and bolstering your website’s credibility. Now, let’s explore the benefits of using WiserNotify to elevate your website with Apple App Store reviews.

Benefits of WiserNotify

  • Seamless integration with Apple App Store reviews
  • User experience enhancement
  • Client success stories
  • Without slowing down your website speed
  • Start with a free plan
  • Work with any websites
  • Effective ways to show the reviews on your website
  • Automatically pull reviews from the Apple App Store
  • Filter reviews so it shows only positive reviews
  • Live chat supports
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Try WiserNotify and build your website’s trust and credibility.

How to Add Reviews Using WiserNotify

When you decide to add the Apple App Store reviews on the website, follow these steps using WiserNotify integration. After this integration, you can start growing your website to the next level. Before following these steps it’s required to have a WiserNotify account. If you don’t have an account, sign up for one. After login let’s follow the practical steps to add reviews to your website:

Step 1: Install pixel code on your website. Paste it in your website’s <head></head> tag. It’s the best place to add pixel code.

adding Pixel code WiserNotify

Step 2: Go to the Integration section, find Apple App Store integration, and connect it.

Integration Section

WiserNotify all integration

Connect Apple App Store

connect apple app store

Step 3: Open your Apple App Store in your browser, and search your app. Once you find your app click on the “View More”.

search your app in apple app store

Step 4: Scroll down a little bit and click on the “See all” button. After opening the all reviews page copy URL of the page.

Click on See all button

click on sell all reviews

Copy this full-page URL

copy full url of all app reviews

Step 5: Now paste your copied URL here, enter your Connection name, and click on the “Create” button.

add apple app stpre details

Step 6: Now create a review notification of your choice.

Click on Add Notification Go to the reviews tab & select the Review notification template you like the most. Add the website URL and select Apple App Store as the data source of the review notification.

Select review notifications WiserNotify

After following these steps you can see the review data under the Dashboard data page. It’s that easy! You’re just a few steps away from enhancing your website with trust-building Apple App Store reviews.

WiserNotify won’t let you stop at the Apple App Store reviews; it offers over 250+ integrations for adding social proof to your website. If you’re interested in WiserNotify, sign up today and enjoy the power of social proof to boost your website’s credibility and trust.


In today’s trust-driven world, Apple App Store reviews can be your secret weapon for building credibility and trust. Regardless of your industry, Apple App Store reviews have the potential to elevate your online reputation and drive conversions. Start your journey toward trust and credibility today with WiserNotify, and watch your website’s transformation unfold.


WiserNotify accesses Apple App Store reviews by connecting to the App Store platform and retrieving review data. It then offers user-friendly display options, allowing you to seamlessly showcase these reviews on your website.

WiserNotify is designed to be compatible with various website platforms. It’s a versatile tool that can be integrated into different types of websites, ensuring widespread accessibility.

Absolutely! WiserNotify provides customization options, allowing you to tailor the design of how Apple App Store reviews are displayed on your website. You can choose from a range of templates and personalize the layout to match your website’s aesthetics.

No, WiserNotify is engineered to ensure that the integration of Apple App Store reviews does not adversely affect your website’s loading speed or overall performance. It operates efficiently to maintain optimal site functionality.

Yes, WiserNotify takes data security seriously. When you connect your Apple App Store account, the platform adheres to strict security protocols to safeguard user data. It ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and is not at risk during the integration process.

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