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Top 7 Managed WordPress Hosting Providers for WordPress website in 2024

Welcome to the world of efficient website management and lightning-fast performance – the domain of managed WordPress hosting services. Today where every second counts, choosing the right hosting solution can significantly impact your website’s success.

Imagine this scenario: You’ve invested hours perfecting your website, crafting compelling content, and designing a user-friendly interface. Your online creation is a work of art, and you’re eager to share it with the world. However, there’s a catch – if your website takes too long to load, visitors might hit the dreaded ‘back’ button before exploring your offerings.

This is where managed WordPress hosting steps in as your savior. This comprehensive guide will delve into the universe of managed hosting services tailored specifically for WordPress websites. Whether you’re an experienced webmaster or a newcomer to the online scene, you will uncover the key to a smoother, speedier, and more secure WordPress journey.

From expertly fine-tuned servers to 24/7 support and performance-enhancing features, managed WordPress hosting packs a punch. So, let’s embark on a journey through hassle-free hosting and discover the top services that can elevate your WordPress website to new heights.

Why do People Use the WordPress Websites?

WordPress is a blogging website where people can post original blogs or writeups. These blogs can be regarding anything, fiction, and non-fiction.

All the articles on the WordPress website don’t need to be necessarily informative. These blogs can be read as entertainment as well.

Many people use the WordPress site to share their articles or writeups on topics of their choice. At the same time, some people use the WordPress website to read all the posted articles by blog owners.

WordPress site is considered one of the most convenient websites to post original content. This website is also highly customizable and very easy to use.

WordPress website existed in 2003 as a content management system (CMS). The original idea behind the WordPress site was to create a blog publishing system.

But with time, WordPress’s site has evolved from a blogging website to including online stores, media galleries, memberships, and much more.

Now the WordPress website also includes plugins for social media and various templates. It usually comes under the feature ‘themes.’

With the help of the ‘themes’ feature, you can design and customize your website page however you want.

You can use various social media plugins on the WordPress site to promote your blog and social media.

The best use of social media plugins is to promote your online business and increase the reach of your social media on your WordPress site.

Why is a Web Host Required?

A web host is a technical term only related to a website. It is an online organization that saves or sells the memory space on the server of its particular website.

It is required for managing WordPress websites as it can only be possible for WordPress users to do it sometimes.

It is a data-enabling service that allows people to publish their websites or blog online. Web hosting is the service provided by the hosting platform.

It can also allow people to publish their website on a service owned by someone else. It might limit their creativity on the website.

Depending on the purpose, it could be a free or paid online service. Multiple online services provide free and premium hosts according to your preference.

Personal blogs and websites are available for free on the internet. But the websites that are used only for business require a premium membership.

Choosing the right web host or web hosting service for your business is very important. You need to list your preferences and requirements and opt for the hosting accordingly.

If you need hosting for your business website, your requirements must include databasing software, streaming media, communication through email, etc.

What are the Different Types of Web Hosts Available?

Different types of web hosts or hosting services are available on the internet. Various web hosting services provide different kinds of services.

Any hosting service is available on the google cloud platform quickly, and you must pay the required amount to install it.

A few web hosting services are below-

Managed hosting

Managed WordPress hosting provider does not allow the website owner complete control. So the hosting service has the majority of control of your website.

It helps the hosting service to maintain the website and its services from time to time. The website owner has the liberty to manage the website as well.

Managed WordPress hosting offers shared hosting so you can add multiple sites on one server. So you can easily keep track of them.

Cloud hosting

This web hosting service allows website owners to access all the available files, websites, and applications.

Cloud is not a single server but a network of multiple online servers. It gives website owners more flexibility and accessibility while working on their blogs.

Shared hosting

A shared hosting provider hosts multiple WordPress websites on the same server. It is also known as virtual hosting.

It is helpful if your company manages multiple websites simultaneously and doesn’t want to do it on different hosts.

Shared hosting is opted for by multiple big companies as it becomes easier for them to pay attention to all their online businesses and websites.

It can also reduce the load on their IT staff as they will only have to keep up with one website host with different working processes.

Dedicated hosting

This hosting service is opposite to the managed hosting service provider. The website owner gets complete control of the website except for its hardware.

So this hosting service only focuses on the software and technical part of the website or blog.

Grid hosting

This hosting service is quite similar to the cloud hosting service. It comprises multiple online servers to create a supercomputer.

So the supercomputer can incorporate all the tasks that are not doable by only one server.

Reseller hosting

This hosting service allows website owners to become their web hosts. They can even sell their hosting service to other people.

Cluster hosting

This hosting service divides the tasks amongst various servers. So ultimately, it is a cluster of multiple web hosting providers.

It helps improve the availability, functioning, speed, and quality of tasks for all service users.

What is the Purpose of Managed Hosting Service?

A WordPress host is like any other web hosting server but only for WordPress. This web hosting provider has multiple features that can make your WordPress site quicker, more secure, and easy to manage.

Managed hosting

It is a hosting service that takes up most of the responsibility for all its websites. It tries to fix all the problems your website has been facing.

It tries to improve the website’s speed, quality, and security. So you don’t have to worry about it and can focus on your content delivery and management.

Website owners don’t have to put in a lot of effort to ensure the security and speed of their websites. Hence, many people prefer this hosting provider over others as it reduces the weight on your shoulders.

Managed WordPress hosts are hosting companies dedicated to WordPress websites. It means your hosting company can host your entire website for you.

These managed WordPress hosting doesn’t put a lot of work regarding the management of the website on you. The maintenance of your website is the responsibility of the managed WordPress host service.

It includes factors like promoting your content, keeping the website safe, increasing the speed by limiting the lags, keeping up with the updates, etc.

How Does Managed Worpdress Hosting Work?

Managed WordPress hosting is responsible for the hardware and software setup of the website. Hence, it comprises multiple features that can be useful to your website.

All these features of managed WordPress hosts make them stand out from all the other hosting providers. These features and services are customizable. You can do it according to the requirements of your website.

The usual and compulsory services provided by the managed hosting provider are-

1) Providing technical support to the website

2) Maintaining and monitoring the entire system

3) Solving all the technical issues

4) Providing virtual security as regular scanning and detecting external entities on the website.

5) Providing support to the applications

6) Maintaining the backups in case the damage to current files

7) Providing physical security to the data centers

8) Configuration of the server and balancing of the load

These hosting providers also provide other features or services unavailable in their basic package. Though, you will have to pay separately for those services and features.

These add-on services might help you to customize your website and improve the reach of your website and online business.

One can even request personal customization of these services for their online business or website from the hosting providers.

Various managed WordPress hostings have collaborated with big web hosting companies like azure web hosting, amazon web hosting, etc.

It helps small web hosting companies to expand their reach and services. Customers can list all the services they want from the web hosting company and pay for them accordingly.

Hence, you can add more services to your WordPress hosting plans offered by the hosting providers.

When Do You Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

As we know the purpose of managed WordPress hosting, it is vital to understand whether you need a managed hosting provider.

The two vital aspects to consider before buying a managed WordPress hosting provider are necessity and funds.

Services required

You need to test your website and business and decide whether it is manageable with or without managed hosting.

You can decide for which services you need the managed hosting. Make a list of services you require from the managed WordPress hosting provider.

Initial budget

Once you list all the necessary services, you must decide how much you will spend on them.

A managed WordPress hosting cost can be expensive based on the type of their services. Even though some services are affordable, they ask for a big initial commitment.

After deciding your requirements and budget, you can search for the best-managed WordPress hosting providers.

You can decide based on the outcome of your deep research on managed WordPress hosting.

If you buy a managed WordPress hosting plan, choose the right one for your website and learn how to install it.

Different Types of Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

Choosing the right managed WordPress hosting can be overwhelming for beginners in the blogging industry. There are multiple options available.

Hence, researching before buying your first host and domain is crucial. Different types of managed WordPress hosting services are below.

Email-managed hosting

Smooth internal and external communication for big companies is very crucial. It takes place through email. Hence, you need quick email access for your website all the time.

So, email-managed hosting plans provide access to emails 24*7 with add-on benefits like ready drafts, fast emailing, etc.

It ensures the safety of all your communications and protects your website from getting hacked through emails.

It is an affordable managed WordPress hosting and reduces the workload of your IT team as they don’t have to pay attention to every email breach.

App-managed hosting

The app managed-hosting provider offers services to some specific applications like WordPress hosting. It only concentrates on improving the performance of that particular app.

This service eases the workload on the IT team of your business, and they won’t have to pay attention to every little problem.

They provide all the different services like WordPress security, agility, compliance, and support the application requires to run smoothly.

WordPress hosting cost for this service is relatively inexpensive. But you can choose the services you want from the managed host.

Full-managed hosting

Fully managed WordPress hosting is the ideal type of WordPress hosting as it offers services that reduce workload for big companies. It has high-intensity networks that support all the web traffic.

Hence, it is the most popular and reliable managed WordPress hosting service for big companies and industries in the medicinal, financial, and technical fields.

With the help of fully managed WordPress hosting, you don’t need to pay attention to the technical hosting procedures.

The managed WordPress hosting providers take care of everything related to your website. These managed hosts take control of your blog or website.

This service provides 24*7 security and support, automatic backups, management of applications and operating systems, hardware installations, and much more.

Fully managed WordPress hosting plans provide you with the three most important things a host must offer WordPress security, speed, and optimization.

In the WordPress hosting comparison, managed WordPress hosting costs a lot as it offers and performs various services.

Semi-managed hosting

This type of managed WordPress hosting gives you half control over your website while it has half control over it.

If you all are WordPress experts, you might prefer to handle the hosting of your website. Then you can opt for semi-managed WordPress hosting plans.

You can decide and distribute the services listed by the managed WordPress hosting providers between you and the service. So you can pay for all the services provided accordingly.

People with online or small businesses can opt for this service as they can handle terrible web traffic.

The managed WordPress hosting comparison is a very affordable managed WordPress host for your website.

Most managed WordPress hosts are semi-managed, as many WordPress experts prefer to have half control of their websites.

Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Host

Many big companies opt for managed WordPress hosting as it provides multiple features and benefits.

The services provided by the managed WordPress hosting companies are worth it and reduce your workload.

But like every other service, even managed WordPress hosting companies have their share of pros and cons.

The disadvantages of these managed hosting companies are lesser compared to the advantages.

The services provided by the managed WordPress hosting service differ from one WordPress hosting company to another.

Similarly, the pros and cons differ between WordPress hosting companies. Hence the same pros and cons can’t apply to all the managed WordPress hosting providers.

The pros and cons of a managed WordPress hosting company are below.


1) Updation– managed WordPress hosting provides you with regular updates. So your website is up to date and does not lag every time.

2) Automatic backups– a best-managed WordPress hosting keeps automatic backups of all your website if it gets harmed somehow.

3) Staging sites– it provides you with dummy websites to test the features and new changes before trying them out on your website.

Testing new plugins or features on dummy sites is crucial. So your original website does not get hurt in the process.

4) Regular scanning- this service scans your website regularly to find security threats and deal with them immediately.

5) Support– it also provides all the required support to the website regarding technical and physical servicing.

6) Optimization– to maintain speed and remove the barriers to your website, this service optimizes it regularly.


1) Expensive- some best-managed WordPress hosting can be expensive and out of our budget. If you add extra features, then the price of your plan even goes higher.

2) No control- if you are good with technology, you prefer managing the server, and optimizing the website, on your own.

It can also cut down the price of your plan. But with managed WordPress hosting, you need to get control over these features for your website.

You have to hand over control of your website to the managed WordPress hosting provider.

3) Lack of features- these managed WordPress hosting might need some plugins that could be very useful and important for your website.

So then you will have to separately install and pay for those plugins, which can increase your budget for the managed WordPress hosting.

4) Free SSL certificates- it should provide free SSL certificates once you buy the entire service plan and should not charge separately for that service.

What do you look for in a managed WordPress host?

Once you install managed WordPress hosting, you must find the best managed WordPress hosting companies for the website.

Choosing the best managed WordPress hosting company can take a lot of work, as multiple managed WordPress hosting options are available.

Hence, you have to find the most appropriate managed WordPress hosting compared to others for your single or multiple sites.

You can look for the services from your best-managed WordPress hosting company to find the right one.


You need to be assured scalability if your best-managed WordPress hosting is hosting multiple WordPress sites.

It is the ability of your managed WordPress hosting to scale your websites, so you don’t have to change your server.


The best-managed WordPress hosting is very user-friendly, as you don’t have to manage the hosting of your website.

It also provides you with additional developing features. So you can test different versions of your website.

Free SSL

Managed WordPress hosting companies should provide you with the most firm, strong, and free SSL certificate security system
for your website.

As we are witnessing multiple cyber security crimes, the safety of your website or online business always comes before any other features.

Uniform optimization

Managed WordPress hosting companies must provide you with regular optimization as it helps your website to run smoothly.

It increases the performance rate of your website in case you have shared hosting for all your wp engines.

Optimization also helps to clear out security threats visiting your wp engine, as they could be very harmful.

Multiple support systems

A managed WordPress hosting should serve you with a tight support system for your website. As in shared hosting, the support might get divided amongst all the websites.

Sometimes, a support system only focuses on one hosting area but should have expertise in every field.

Backup system

A managed WordPress hosting space should be safe enough to block viruses from hacking your website.

But in case your hosting service must always create a backup system for all your websites on the managed or shared hosting.

So you can retrieve all the information as your workflow is not interrupted.


Your managed WordPress hosting plan should offer you a staging level. So you don’t have to put your website at risk when you are testing new features on it.

On the testing level, you are provided with a dummy website to try out new features in case something goes wrong.

Some hosting services even offer paid staging, so you can test the website as many tries as required.

DNS server

A managed WordPress hosting should have a DNS server as it creates IP addresses for specific requests and searches regarding any domain made on your website.

This service is only sometimes in the plan of managed or shared hosting. So, you will have to add it separately to your hosting service plan.

Phone support

Your service should also provide phone support if you need to communicate with the hosting service directly regarding any issues.

The best-managed WordPress hosting will provide you with all the above services. You can opt-in or out of the managed host services according to your preferences.

But most WordPress users buy WordPress hosting plans that serve them with all these basic hosting administrative tasks. So they don’t have to pay attention to the cloud hosting providers.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers in 2023

1. Bluehost

WordPress experts recommend Bluehost as an ideal choice for their WordPress website for its various features.

This host provides its customers with multiple services like managed, dedicated, and shared hosting. So, you get all the functions of a host at the same place and don’t have to migrate your site.

It is a very affordable premium hosting company that offers high-quality features like free site migration, free SSL, SEO tools, site analytics, and much more.

Free site migration means moving your website from its previous host to a new one free of cost if you don’t like its services.

If you don’t want your current host, you can opt for a new one without paying any subscription money to the latest host. You don’t have to buy a subscription for the new host for a limited period.

2. SiteGround

SiteGround is also a well-known hosting service with millions of installations till now. This service is for small businesses.

It provides managed and shared hosting services at high speed and quality for your website.

This host is a very affordable option for many small business owners as it also provides services like strong security, free site migration, huge storage space, etc.

3. WP Engine

WP engine is a premium version managed WordPress hosting solution. It provides users with free SSL certificates, safety, backups, etc.

WP engine provides a 40% speed increase for their website even after a site migration.

WP engine offers all the services like staging, analytics, and storage space for a reasonable price compared to other hosting companies.

The cost of each hosting plan increase as the number and quality of its services increase. But the basic plan of the wp engine is very affordable.

WP engine also provides its customers with affordable shared hosting plans so all your websites can share the same host.

4. Hostinger

Hostinger is also a premium version and a worldwide used hosting company. It has a simple installation process that can be followed even by a non-technical person.

It comes with multiple plugins, features, and services that will help you to create a phenomenal WordPress site.

It is one of the fastest hosting services in various countries of Europe compared to many other hosting services.

Hostinger is one of the cheapest hosting services ever. The cost of its plans increases year-by-year as long as you continue its service.

5. DreamPress

Dreampress is a sub-website hosting service specially made for WordPress. Dreamhost is the parent company of this service.

It is also a premium hosting service that provides services like CDN, huge storage space, automated migrations, and much more.

The speed quality of this hosting company varies from place to place. It is an affordable service compared to other ones.

6. HostGator

HostGator is one of the most inexpensive hosting services out there. So, people that don’t have a big budget but need a good website host can opt for this one.

It is a very easy-to-use host. It has a 45-day return money policy, which you can use if you don’t like the service.

It also provides its customers with free site migration services. So they can opt for their hosting service for free.


It is also a premium hosting company with super-fast speed, quality performance, and management services for your website.

The main attraction of this host is that it is available 24*7 at the same speed at all times. It provides its users with quick and appropriate customer service.

It is a very reliable hosting company and offers all the services for a lesser price than other hosting services.

Which is the best Managed WordPress Host?

Two different types of best-managed WordPress hosting services are available on the google cloud platform, free and premium.

The main difference between these services is that you don’t have to pay for free hosting. But you have to buy a subscription for the premium one.

Both these types of services have their features and benefits. But you must find the best one for you as different people have different takes on it.

Free best-managed WordPress hosting

The bandwidth for storing files that create your website is less on free hostings. Even the storage space provided on the website is less compared to the premium version.

So you won’t be able to achieve the creative content level and upload everything you envisioned on your website.

These hosting services provide you with a limited amount of features and plugins. Handful features limit your creativity and the number of pages while designing the website.

Some free versions might provide you with all the features for free at the start. But they might ask for money to upgrade them later.

Free versions provide you with their subdomain names. So their website URL will be attached to your domain name forever.

These hosting services
pay little attention to the safety of your website. They are always trying to retrieve more personal information from you. It is against the rules of cyber security.

It does not offer you excellent and unlimited technical support because it needs an IT staff for free. So you will have to manage external technical support for your website.

Free versions usually add unnecessary advertisements to your page without any relevance to the topic of your website. It might hurt the reputation of your blog in the industry.

These services make your website more prone to work slowly and lag. It can highly affect the performance of your website.

Premium best-managed WordPress hosting

Premium hostings provide you with large bandwidth and storage space on your website. So you don’t have any restrictions while posting content on your website.

These hosting services provide you with unlimited features. To unlock more, you can buy their subscription too.

This hosting service allows you to customize your domain name for free for a year. You have to renew your subscription every year to continue the domain name.

It provides you with high-quality safety services. So your website is not attacked by any foreign virus. It also makes sure to keep your information safe at all times.

This service has a staff that can assist you with all the technical support you need for your website.

It can provide technical assistance over email, phone calls, or even text messages.

You can add any plugins according to your wish to increase the reach and improve the results of your websites through search engine optimization.

Premium versions provide such services that help your website run without any interruptions.

Regardless of all the mentioned points, free and premium versions provide almost the same services a hosting company should provide.

The same services are provided in lower quality and quantity by free versions compared to the premium ones.

Hence, people should choose the hosting service according to their needs and budget. People owning a personal blog or a small business can opt for a free hosting service.

So people that want a website or websites for their business can buy a premium hosting service.


How to Install Managed WordPress Hosts?

The installation process of managed WordPress hosts is simple and can perform in two different ways. A person with basic computer knowledge can easily install it.

One needs to follow the instructions and manage WordPress hosting is installed in a few minutes.

Process 1- Buying a host and domain

When you are starting a new blog, the first step you need to take is to buy a host and domain. The process of buying a host and domain is below.

1) Create a domain– go to the website of your web hosting provider and enter your blog’s name. Creating a new name for your blog is the creation of a domain.

You can generate a blog name if you can’t create a creative name for your website. It is available on several blog name-generating websites on the internet.

If the name you entered is unavailable on it, you can choose from the suggestions given by the hosting service.

2) Fill in the information– once you pick the name, you can enter some basic information on the website.

This information might contain your name, age, address, and contact information like phone number and email address.

3) Select a plan– the hosting providers offer multiple plans, and you can choose anyone.

Each plan lasts for a particular amount of time, so you will have to pay the subscription according after every cycle.

4) Choose extra services– select add-on services to your regular plan and pay for them separately.

These add-on services can help to ease your workload, and you won’t have to do many things manually. They can also offer security to your regular or business website.

5) Carry out the payment– once you enter all the necessary details and select the services of your choice, you can pay for the plan.

As this is an online transaction, you will have to enter your bank credentials to carry out the payment. Once you enter the details, you will receive an OTP (Time Password).

The OTP will confirm your purchase. Then the money is transferred from your bank account. It is a very safe transaction, so you don’t have to worry about your money getting misplaced.

6) Create a password– now, you must create a unique and rare password for your website or blog. A password makes sure no one else tries to log into your blog without your permission.

Your password should be a combination of letters, characters, and numbers, as it becomes difficult for others to crack.

Never share it with anyone, as it might higher the chances of your website getting hacked.

7) Log into the blog– after completing all the mentioned steps, you can finally log in to your website or blog using the domain name and password.

Process 2- Add your site to the managed WordPress hosting

You can directly add your website or blog to the managed WordPress hosting service by following the instructions.

1) Open the host- visit the hosting service where you want to add your blog.

2) Select manage all – open the feature managed WordPress, and click the ‘manage all’ option.

3) Create your site- click the create site option and start creating your blog or website.

4) Be creative- in this part, you can show your creative side and design your website according to your preference. You can choose anything from the multiple templates and designs available.

Or you can select the default settings to continue setting up your website or blog.

5) Add the site- once you have completed setting up your website, you can click on the enter option. So the site is added to the hosting service.


Managed WordPress Hosting FAQs

Many website owners still have some managed WordPress hosting faqs. Hence a few questions are answered below.

Is a free SSL certificate already included in the plan of service?

For many top hosting companies, a free SSL certificate is in their basic plan. So, you don’t have to pay separately to acquire this service.

What is the phone support service?

A phone support service is when your hosting service helps you through verbal communication.

Why is WP engine the best-managed WordPress hosting company?

It offers only a single service of managed hosting. That makes it a perfect host for small businesses with single websites.

Is managed WordPress hosting worth the cost?

WordPress hosting offers top-quality services and management, reducing your workload and eliminating website servicing worries, making it worth the cost for customer satisfaction.

What is optimized WordPress hosting?

Optimized WordPress hosting is a specialized hosting service designed to enhance the performance and security of WordPress websites. It includes features like caching, automatic updates, security measures, and expert support specifically tailored for WordPress. This results in faster loading speeds, better site security, and improved overall site performance.


Once you start a website or blog for your business, you can find managed WordPress hosting solution or a dedicated server.

Multiple options are available on the google cloud platform for managed and shared hosting. You can find the right one with some research on the google cloud platform.

Even though choosing the server for your website can be hard to decide, you can always follow a guide and make the right decision.

You can always look for features like built-in plugins, pre, and post-configurations, backup services, and free SSL, to make the decision-making process easy.

Managed and shared hosting can help you save a lot of time, and you won’t have to pay attention to all the technical aspects of your website or online business.

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