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Boost conversions by up to 18% within 3 months

“Since joining WiserNotify, we have managed to boost our number of communication leads across phone calls and messaging by 18% within the first 3 months”


Schmicko’s conversion report

About Schmicko

Schmicko is an on-demand booking platform for mobile car care services that is based in Australia. Customers can view automotive services online, select their date, location, desired package seamlessly book in under a minute. Ultimately, it is clever car care convenience where we have revolutionized the way Australians have their car taken care of.  

Schmicko’s goal

Schmicko wanted to grow its business and show their website visitors that their services are trusted & reliable.

How wisernotify helped Schmicko achieve their goals?

“Having this notification system just highlighted some of the recent bookings we had and built a level of confidence for our website visitors. To be frank, if anyone had any doubts because they never heard of us before or were a bit hesitant since they have never heard of such a service ever existing before, then this would help put them to ease since they could see real live data.”

David B. Founder, Schmicko
Reason to switched 

“I am no tech guru and discovered how easy it was to create these notifications through their dashboard portal. At the time, Wisernotify was very new when we decided to test them out and would have to admit that the website was nice and clean, which made a great impression. If I had to summarise, the website drew our attention, and the ease of usability is what made us stay with them up until the present.”

David B. Founder, Schmicko

“Usually, other software consists of very few levels of customization and design functionality, which limited the way we wanted to display these alerts. It had to be able to match our website design and not be seen as ‘annoying or spam’, so having this edge in design really helped us. I have also noticed the dashboard has been improved and updated over the duration of our subscription, which is encouraging to see that the team is always actively looking to improve the user experience.”

David B. Founder, Schmicko

How Schmicko implemented wisernotify?

Schmicko used WiserNotify to showcase some of their recent conversions as a means of building some confidence in their website visitors that they were making the right decision and they were in the right place. Having the location of each booking there leads to developing a level of relevance with their website visitors, knowing that someone near them also booked ahead – it gave that ‘local favorite’ vibe. In addition, since many traditional providers in their automotive industry tend to operate from a brick-and-mortar physical location, the map helped to illustrate that they were a mobile service. Wisernotify generated a network of previous locations that they serviced, this only reiterated their level of coverage and expertise to occupy such a large area of our region. This reinforced some of their competitive advantages, which were convenience and coverage in that they come to customers.


Recent bookings
  Since joining WiserNotify, they have managed to boost their number of communication leads across phone calls and messaging by 18% within the first 3 months.


Notification performance

“we will happily take any additional contacts as we can get. We have never regretted our decision to adopt Wisernotify into our tech stack and look forward to many years ahead as they work towards introducing new upgrades and features.”

David B. Founder, Schmicko

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