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Case Study: Local SEO Strategies for their Multiple Location Business.

With a lot of high-quality & relevant content every day, it’s nearly impossible for content marketers and SEO experts to stand out in SERPs. Winning the top position in SERPs remains a challenge for every expert.

However, it’s still possible to rank on a targeted keyword with a proper SEO strategy.


You need to follow a proper SEO strategy and implement it at the right time.

In this case study, we are going to share the strategies- Socialee applied to rank on the first page of Google search results with targeted keywords for multiple locations.

But before we discuss the strategies, let’s talk about Socialee.

About Socialee

Socialee is a social marketing agency based in multiple locations including, Vadodara, Surat, and Ahmedabad. With a challenging mission to help their clients serve a perfect social media experience and build a long-term relationship with them.

Socialee provides unique services like Social Media Management, Social Media consultancy, and Social Media Advertising to connect businesses with potential customers. Socialee is currently working with 55+ clients and expanding globally.

Challenge Faced By Socialee

Socialee is a social media marketing agency, they were facing challenges of generating traffic and ranking on top pages of Google for their multiple locations. It was difficult for them to generate potential leads and build a unique strategy for each location’s page.

Socialee wanted to build a website from scratch and rank it on the top pages for highly competitive keywords for multiple locations like Surat, Vadodara, and Ahmedabad.

Let’s take a look at the step-by-step process of their strategy


1.  Keyword Research

Keyword research for Local SEO

Keywords play a crucial role in ranking the website for the relevant search your audiences are looking for. Focusing on what your audiences are searching for makes your first step towards ranking on SERPs.

Things to remember while doing keyword research-

  • Understand factors while searching for keywords like locations, services/products, etc.
  • See how competitors are doing for these keywords.

In Socialee’s case, the keywords were highly competitive to rank on Google. The competitors were already ranking on those keywords, but with the proper strategy and execution, they were able to rank on page 1 of Google.

Tools we used

2. Re-writing content with User-Intent & targeted keywords

Re-writing personalized content for Local SEO

One thing to notice and level up in the SEO game is to focus on what your audiences like to read and search for.


It is crucial to create content using your targeted keywords, also keeping in mind what audiences want. That’s the easiest way to achieve ranking on SERPs.

Focus on User Intent + Keyword optimization = Achieving higher rank on SERPs

Remember that Google is evolving its algorithm to provide better search solutions to its readers. That means, if you want to rank higher, focus on providing high-quality content focusing on User Intent.

In Socialee’s case, they re-wrote the website content to make it more focused on User Intent relevant to the targeted keywords.

For example, if you search for ” social media marketing company in Surat,” you’re going to find companies that are competing for that keyword.

That’s how optimizing content with user intent helped them to place at a higher rank on SERPs.

3. Optimizing Images

Optimizing an image for Local SEO

Image optimization is the process of creating and delivering high-quality images or photos in the ideal format, size, and resolution to increase engagement and search engine rankings. Your photos must be high quality, so consider using a photo enhancer to ensure they stand out and captivate your audience effectively.

Putting Alt text attributes to your photos/images to help Google robots understand the content of your image. SEO is all about helping search engines understand your images and content & users interact with your images.

Remember three important things in Alt Text Image-

  1. Be short but descriptive
  2. Be innovative but avoid keyword stuffing
  3. Don’t put images or pictures to describe the image.

Socialee used proper image alt text for each image or photo on their website. The result was better engagement and increased user experience.

It helped to increase the likability of content by both search engines and audiences.

4. Title & Meta description

Adding Title & Meta details for Local SEO

There is a lot of debate going on about whether title tags & meta-descriptions are vital to rank up on search engines. Now, whether they are or not ranking factors, they are still making a huge impact on engagement and first impressions on your potential visitors.

If you’re focusing on local SEO, page titles & meta-descriptions including, the city name and relevant keywords need to be focused. Title tags & meta-descriptions including, location and the product or services you offer help search engines to rank on local search pages.

Socialee provided services in three major cities – Vadodara, Surat, and Ahmedabad, that helped them to rank on the top position by mixing the location name with relevant keywords in the title tag and meta-description.

5. URL Optimization

Optimizing URL for Local SEO

URL is the location of a page on your website. For example, www.
m/location-A is the URL of your page showing services/products of the specified location.

After choosing a domain name, it’s crucial to optimize your URL and place relevant keywords to increase the chances of ranking in a higher position. Like your visitors, the crawler also reads your URL to understand the content inside the page.

Use a URL that makes sense for your visitor and describes the topic & the content inside the page. The more relevant your URL more, likely people remember it.

An example of an optimized URL is:

From the above example, you can see; how Socialee optimized the URL for a specified location and relevant keyword. It shows what the page is about and is relevant to the content inside the page.

Local Link Building for Local SEO

Local Link building helps small businesses to create trust among the local visitors. Small businesses can take full advantage of other local businesses to ask them to link with your website.

This is the fastest way to create high-quality backlinks and send out strong link signals to Google that the site is trustworthy. By using some link-building tools, you can find out the list of other businesses in your locality and reach out to them to gain new links.

Here are 4 High-Quality local link-building strategies –

  1. Link from the site in the locality you are targeting
  2. Links that are relevant to your industry
  3. The link that can help to drive traffic to your site
  4. The link that helps to build a brand’s reputation

Socialee used the link-building tactics by posting high-quality content on different social media platforms and linking with local businesses.


Socialee witnessed that within 3 – 6 months, the website ranked in a higher position on Google SERP, with the relevant location-specified keywords and user intent content.
Here, are a few screenshots of our results of how the keywords ranked on Google.



These are some Local SEO strategies that helped, Socialee to rank in the top 3 positions of search engine pages with the relevant keywords for multiple locations. Improving SEO helps to generate more traffic and engagement with visitors.

Are you struggling with the ranking results? We hope the case study of Socialee will help you to find some sort of solution for your queries.

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