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Amazon and Shopify: Comparison Between E-commerce Platforms

Amazon is a giant enterprise that sells A-Z products online and is a prominent cloud services provider worldwide.

Amazon makes most of its revenue from its e-commerce business.

In 2022, Amazon’s net worth will be around $1.4 Trillion!

Can you guess the biggest rival of Amazon? If you’re thinking:

  • Walmart (No)
  • eBay (Nope)
  • Target (Nah)

Amazon’s biggest rival is just a 2006 startup, Shopify!, which does not make even 1% of Amazon’s yearly revenue.

But how is it possible?

If you’re curious to know, then keep reading this article.

In this article, we’ve discussed:

  • Shopify Vs Amazon
  • Why is Amazon’s most prominent rival Shopify?
  • Why are merchants unhappy with Amazon?
  • Amazon’s new business that can affect Shopify

And everything we’ll discuss in detail. So, without any further delay, let’s find out!

Are Shopify and Amazon different businesses?

You’re right if you think that Shopify and Amazon are different businesses!

But if you consider a merchants-based marketplace, then surely Shopify & Amazon are competing because these two companies are in the E-commerce space and come with unique aspects in the market.

1. Amazon

Amazon started its journey as an online store that bought and sold wholesale products online. For a few years, amazon consistently ran its business.

Jeff Bezos’s Big dream is to make Amazon a company that sells everything!

To make this dream come true, Amazon allows third-party sellers and merchants to list their products online and use Amazon’s fulfillment center to sell & ship their products globally.

Almost half of the products are sold by Amazon, and third-party merchants sell the rest.

Amazon is just a place for merchants to participate and showcase their products. There’s no control over selling & managing products from the merchant’s side, and Amazon does the rest of the selling & shipping process.

2. Shopify

Now, if you revert to the complete situation, you’ll find Shopify!

Shopify is a marketplace that helps merchants create their online store with their branding and allows them to manage the entire process of selling and managing products at their online store without any Shopify interruption. In return, merchants must pay some amount to use the Shopify platform and its services.

Shopify has a developer community that keeps building new applications for Shopify that provide a better experience to merchants. It’s a complete all-in-one solution for merchants to create, store and sell products online.

Shopify is just a medium that connects sellers and consumers.

These are the two most prominent companies in the e-commerce space.

But the question is….

How is Amazon’s most prominent rival Shopify?

Shopify made just $4.6 Billion in revenue in 2021, hundreds of times less than Amazon’s 2021 revenue. So, what makes Shopify a worthy competition?

Let’s see!

The Gross Merchandise Value (GVM) Split:

You need to focus on Metrics called GVM (Gross Merchandise Value). It’s a sum of all the value of products/services sold from a platform.

  • Amazon’s GMV in 2021 was around $610 Billion. Third-party merchants generated 64%, and Amazon’s retail generated 36%.
  • Shopify’s GMV was $175 Billion in 2021, but Shopify’s GMV was 45% and growing every year.

Shopify is getting closer to Amazon’s GMV, and merchants prefer the Shopify platform rather than Amazon. There’s a massive reason behind it! Merchants are not satisfied with Amazon.

Why are Merchants not satisfied with Amazon?

Most merchants prefer Shopify to do business. As we’ve previously discussed, Shopify provides an all-in-one e-commerce platform for Merchants to create an e-commerce store & sell their products online globally.

But Amazon is just a platform for listing merchant’s products and complete control handover to Amazon. Sometimes, many merchants’ top-selling products are rejected by Amazon, and Amazon clones itself and sells the product under Amazon retail. That’s why merchants don’t like the Amazon platform for selling products.

Shopify provides complete security, control and authority to run an e-commerce store without third-party interruption.

Now, Shopify provides complete e-commerce services like packaging, shipping and delivery processes for merchants.

Overall, Amazon is definitely at the top, but Shopify is not easily ignored in e-commerce. In the future, Shopify can be a big rival of Amazon.

After seeing the rapid growth of Shopify and merchants’ demand, Amazon makes a big decision that can affect Shopify!

Amazon is acquiring an e-commerce platform called “Selz” that can help merchants create their stores and sell their products with complete authority.

Does it sound like Shopify? Right

Shopify is already the most prominent solution for merchants to create, store and sell products. Still, Amazon wants to solve this problem and clear the competition by acquiring another e-commerce platform, “Slez.”

Amazon already has millions of customers and merchants and collaborates with luxurious brands that can make Slez the best e-commerce platform globally against Shopify.

But you should consider that Shopify’s net profit margin was 62.2% in 2021, and Amazon’s profit margin was 7.1%.

There are chances that Amazon can make Slez a successful & profitable business and a more fantastic competitor of Shopify. But we can see that the growth of Shopify is increasing, and there are probably so many other features growth coming that can attract merchants to prefer Shopify.

There’s no point in fighting with a giant company like Amazon, but it’s an exciting fight to see in the E-commerce space.


We hope you’ve found this article helpful to know about both companies, Amazon & Shopify and what Amazon’s new business can be a rival of Shopify. Drop your comment and let me know your opinion about Amazon & Shopify.

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