AB Test WiserNotify with Google Optimize

AB Test WiserNotify with Google Optimize

If you use Google Optimize to run marketing campaigns, now you can test the impact of WiserNotify on your website using your A/B testing tool.

Follow the steps below to set it up

Step 1: Create an account

Create an account with Google Optimize here and Install Google Optimize

Now create your first experience by clicking the “Let’s go” button.

Step 2: Fill in the information

Now fill in the information(Name, URL, type of experience) and click on create

Name- WiserNotify (Preferred)

URL: Enter URL where you want to A/B test

Type of experience: A/B test

Step 3: Add a Variant and name it.

Also add the pixel tag in Variant 1

Now adjust the weight for each variant.

we recommend the default 50/50 split, but it's up to you.

Also, add additional pages to run the A/B test if you want to do it on multiple pages

Step 4:  Add WiserNotify Code in Variant

Click on Edit under variant

Now click on code section

Go to Global Javascript

Now paste the pixel code here

You'll have to remove some part of it. Remove the highlighted part

Your final code will like this. Now, click on apply

Now, save it and finish editing the variant.

That's it. Your pixel code has been installed in the variant.

Step 5 : Audience targeting

Now, the next step is very important which is audience targeting.

You can choose an audience from any option available here.

Add any of these and move toward the next step

Step 5: Set Objectives

You can choose from the list of options available

Or you can create a custom objective

Step 6: Additional settings

Now, we have some additional settings available.

Optimize installation: Click on check installation to check if you’ve created a variants with pixel tag

Make sure you install the Optimize snippet before you check installation.

Traffic allocation: You can allocate the traffic who can see the experience here

Activation event: Select the event for experience to be activated

Once you’ve set this up, click on the Start button to activate A/B testing.

That’s it. You can now track and measure performance under the reporting tab.