Conversions Served At Your Table With A Pinch Of Social Proof

Use Social Proof To Attract More Foodies To Your Restaurant

Tap Into Fear And Grow Your Business

  • Show Real-time foodies count on your website
  • Display real-time order details to create FOMO and urgency
  • This will work as an effective word-of-mouth strategy & increases more orders
Show total number of orders recieved on your website 358 orders received today

Social Media Is The Way To Go

  • Let your visitors know you’re popular on social media
  • Display fan followers count on your website
  • More followers, more visibilities & more impact
Bring all your Social media achievements in one widget. 10K Likes 5K Followers 20K Followers 6K Followers

Video Pop-Up

  • Show mouth-watering food videos using widgets
  • Display food making videos on your product or services page
  • Increase foodies traffic by adding videos