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Project Updates ( April, May, June - 2020)
WiserNotify Product Updates

Project Updates ( April, May, June - 2020)

Thanks for supporting us & giving a lot of suggestions. Most of them implemented & released successfully.

WiserNotify Product Updates

In the last three months, We have added many notification designs & widgets options. Also added advanced configuration options that enable you to control & manage the notification.

Added new notification templates & customization options

  • Now, every notification type has 9+ awesome designs. Thanks for suggesting or giving a reference design. All designs include in-built collector popup.
  • 100% notification design & text customization. We have built options like text editor, border, shadow, entry-exit animation, icon GIF support, and set icon priority order like map image, custom icon & country flag & many more. Also, the built notification resizer option so you can change the notification size as your need.
  • New Widgets added like call me, subscribe, announcement & many more.

Please keep sharing the idea. We want to add it for you in the future.

Released new integrations

For more detail, visit https://wisernotify.com/integration

Let us know if we are missing your favorite tool. We want to add it for you. You can send us a request to [email protected]

Building new notification control features:

  • Skip seen notification option released. Using it, you can stop showing the same data already seen in the notification to the visitor.
  • You can set the limit & show fix number of notifications per page.
  • Precise targeting options are added like UTM source, cookies, referring site & new/return.
  • Set notification display priority order.
  • Apply timing-related settings on the notification level. Previously it was domain level.

Built agency module & released agency plan

  • We have launched the agency pricing plan.
  • Add & manage staff.
  • Create plans for the client.
  • Create client accounts & assign them plans.
  • Branding option for the client.

We are growing fast.

  • Currently, 200+ websites are using it
  • 1,100 + notifications are live
  • Serving daily approx 3,50,000 notification impressions.

New things are coming soon!

Please join our social media network & we are actively posting new updates about WiserNotify features.

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