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New Updates (  June, July, Sep 2020)
WiserNotify Product Updates

New Updates ( June, July, Sep 2020)

Thank you so much for supporting & using WiserNotify as CRO tool for your website.

WiserNotify Product Updates

We are receiving many suggestions, ideas, and integration requests. We will keep working on it.

This email is more about what we have done last week & new updates.

Here are quick updates.

Integrations Released

  • Pabbly connect
  • - On action, receive data in notifications ( Conversions, Purchases, Review).
  • - On Triggers send data( Collectors data) to 3rd party tool.
  • Big Thank you to Pabbly connect team. Excellent team & community!
  • SendFox
  • Automizy

Above, both integrations are based on API services. When you integrate them, WiserNotify fetches the last 30 data from a specific list that you select. One thing we found they are not providing real-time data through webhook. So, Every day we will call API, fetch new data & store it.

We have contacted the SendFox & Automizy team & talking to build direct integration. Once it gets done, We will be able to receive real-time data

We are receiving many questions that “are you getting previous data after integration”?

Before the AppSumo launch, We are doing it for Shopify, a Woo-commerce & Magento platform & receiving the last 30 records.

In the last week, We added the same thing to many other platforms as well.

Here is the list

We will keep adding support for other possible platforms as well.

Notification detail view added

See the notification detail from the notification list.

Notification detailed view option

This option allows you to see the full configuration you have applied to a notification without going in the edit mode. It shows the latest last 5 data events, Display Rules, Capture Rules, Position & Animation, Data, Timing & click setting.


Notification settings


Notification settings

New template design option:

We have added one more notification design template!

New Social Proof Notification Design

We hope you like it. Please share your feedback. It helps us & others as well.


How to receive Collector/Subscriber data?

Now you can set a time duration limit for live visits notification. You can set it to 1 minute to 60 min.

- Edit notification >> Design >> Data & Timing)

Show only 4-5 star reviews. ( Hide review If review text is not available)

Added new languages

  • Vietnamese
  • Polish
  • Dutch
  • Hungarian

Allowing to show both field email and number input in collector, subscriber & Ask notification

Thank You and very happy to see you on board.