6 Killer Ways To Increase Sales of Your Coaching Business

6 Killer Ways To Increase Sales of Your Coaching Business

6 Killer Ways To Increase Sales of Your Coaching Business

Online coaching presents a unique opportunity to learn new skills without having to leave your home or office. However, while this convenience is one of the critical drivers of their popularity, it can also make it difficult for course creators to sell more courses.

To increase sales, instructors need to create an effective sales funnel, design eye-catching landing pages and pricing strategies, and establish an email marketing strategy.

In this blog post, we will discuss seven ways to increase sales of your coaching business.

Create Target Audience Persona

Marketing your coaching business to everyone isn't a wise idea. However, choosing the right audience at the right time is a way to increase your marketing efforts.

You can brainstorm and tailor your ideas to the right people by using customer personas, ensuring your content is always engaging and valuable. Furthermore, creating high-quality content increases the chances of building a community of loyal customers who will support your brand over time. Personas are therefore crucial for marketing.

A compelling persona is accurate, brief, and helpful in reaching a specific audience in your day-to-day content production. Here are the five steps to creating an audience persona.

  • Do audience research;
  • Identify customer's pain points and goals;
  • How your services can solve their pain points;
  • Finalize your persona.

Having defined your buyer personas, you can create organic posts, and social ads aimed directly at your target customers. Ads on social media can target the exact people you want to reach with incredibly detailed ad targeting options.

Add Valuable Content to Social Media Platforms

Coaches can provide their audiences with valuable content in bite-size chunks through social media platforms. Engaging and compelling content will entice your audience to purchase your coaching services.

Along with sharing your blog posts on websites, you may create social media content that offers value to your audience. A practical approach is

to share guides and instructions. Customers need information about your coaching service to entice them to use it.

Similarly, LinkedIn tends to be the preferred platform to engage with your target audience. Unlike other platforms, it serves you professionally.

As a coach, you can publish articles share tips, videos, and more to educate the audience and engage with them.

Using informational content gives the audience a broader view of your coaching services and how they can solve their pain points. Additionally, sharing short content can lead to more conversions.

You can accomplish this in several ways:

  • Encourage people to comment about your content through contests or giveaways;
  • Involving animated images/videos;
  • Make real-life videos or photos that relate to your content;
  • Share ideas and tips on how your services can help;
  • Showing transformation in customer's life after taking your services.

Run Ads on Different Platforms

Online paid advertisements are a successful way to generate more leads and customers without spending time and effort. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and Linkedin are the leading platforms for paid promotion campaigns.

With the vast majority of your targeted audience using social media every day, it makes excellent sense to promote on social platforms. Let's look at each platform's paid campaigns-

  • Google Adwords:

Google Adwords is one of the most popular advertising platforms on the internet because the company is one of the biggest names on the internet. You'll be able to see your coaching ads right at the top of the search page, where many potential coaching clients can see them.

However, this is a cost-per-click service, which can be expensive over time. In addition, the cost of gaining coaching clients varies depending on where you are located.

The benefit of these ads is that they can be very targeted. This means you can ensure you are marketing only to people who are likely to purchase and click on your ads.

  • Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the giant social media platforms with large audiences when choosing where to advertise coaching services!

Its large user base makes it very attractive. It may also be an excellent opportunity to sell your courses as they relax, browse, and think.

You can measure the effectiveness of Facebook ads, and they can be immersive. There are some free options but some expensive ones on Facebook.

As one of the most popular platforms with coaches, it can be challenging to stand out on Facebook. Although the competition will be fierce, the variety will also significantly help your advertising campaigns.

  • LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is another popular advertising platform that gives access to high-ticket coaching clients. Many professionals on LinkedIn are interested in improving their skills- which is ideal for coaches.

Moreover, it is a work-centric space, which means that if you are a business coach, you will attract coaching clients interested in their careers and finances.

However, LinkedIn is a bit expensive compared to other platforms. Therefore, you will pay more than other platforms.

Presell Your Course

Preselling a course can help you avoid the unfortunate situation where no one buys your course. Selling something before it is created may seem counterintuitive, but trust us on this, it's not.

When you pitch your idea for your online course to your target audience and discover they aren't interested in it, it is much better than spending a significant amount of time and money creating one no one will buy.

Preselling the course before you create it is not a brand-new concept; many coaches and institutions presell the courses to validate if audiences or clients are interested in buying it or not. If the course is not high-demanding, coaches might refine their idea, improvise it, or abandon it.

Benefits of preselling:

  • Minimize the risk of spending time and money on low-demand courses;
  • Instant feedback;
  • Build a list of interested customers;
  • The excitement and responsibility of creating a high-demand course.

Promote on Social Media

Coaches rely more and more on social media for marketing strategy, yet it is pretty simple to create a profile and maintain. In addition to allowing you to communicate with your audience, they can help you build an organic online presence.

You can direct traffic generated from social media to your coaching website or sales page, thereby increasing signups. As a result of your engaging content, they will be more likely to trust you and schedule a consultation/session later.

You can then invite these people to various events and free 1-to-1 sessions via email or whatsapp. During these events, you and your potential clients can evaluate your compatibility and discuss your clients' expectations and goals.

You can simplify the booking process for your clients by posting a book now button on Instagram and Facebook or via a small widget on your website or sharing a link on Whatsapp groups and LinkedIn groups that take visitors directly to your booking portal.

Leveraging Social Proofs with Testimonials

What do the top coaches have in common? Great Results.

Your prospect wants to know that it is possible for them, so they want to decide. However, before trusting you with their money, people need to be sure they can trust you.

You gain credibility when you showcase your results through client testimonials since you're not just talking about yourself. As a result, they don't see your accomplishments as impossible, but rather as "If others can do it, I can too!"

To Conclude

The great news is that if you are a coach, any of the seven tactics we just outlined can help you increase sales. However, it's critical to note that not all of these methods will work for every coaching business. Therefore, you need to experiment and find what tactics work best for you.

Once you do, make sure you are using them consistently to drive more sales and growth.


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