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Why You Should Include Social Proof on Your Website?
Why Social Proof should be used?

Why You Should Include Social Proof on Your Website?

Social Proof Marketing

If you already have a website, but no sales.

If you have SEO content but no leads.

If you have an amazing product but no trusted customer base.

Then, IT’S TIME!

Time for you to invest some moolah into social proofing your website. Amazon, Netflix, Dominos, IMDB, and many more successful A-lister brands today use FOMO & social proof strategies for generating leads and better results.


Smart marketers understand the importance of social proof as a marketing tool to ease-out customers’ worries and create the credibility of the brand to build a loyal customer base.

Statistics say that as an informed audience, over 70% of Americans said that they look at product reviews before making a purchase. This fact solely states the importance of social proof to build the trust and credibility of the brand.


Yeah, the understanding of studying the importance of social proof doesn’t just end with what’s & why’s until and unless you are unaware of the tools that can help you gain the boost in the industry.

WiserNotify enables you to implement social proof notifications to website widgets the way you want.


These smart nudges are not just an easy & simple way to lure the attention of your target audience while creating FOMO and building an urgency to purchase your products but it also helps in building credibility with real-time notifications.

Types of social-proof notifications.

Show live & recent activities

What’s better than showing the audience real-time data on other people’s actions to influence their decision positively! You can do that in various ways -

Live Visitor Notification

This shows the number of customers or visitors who are online in real-time.

Conversion Notification

This nudge tool shows the action taken by real people in real-time on the website.


Next time when you are shopping online and you see a notification “Krystal just made a purchase” - Yes! That's a purchase notification. This tool shows the real-time purchases made on the website.

Counter Notifications

Show the number that creates FOMO & urgency. As well as also establish trust.  When a customer reads the nudge ‘400 customers purchased the product & offer is going to end soon.’, it creates a sense of urgency for the audience to take positive action and hence leads in conversion.

Real-time review & recommendation

Statistics say that as an informed audience, more than 70% of the audience look at product reviews before making a purchase. Hence, Review notification helps in increasing reach and conversion by building trust at the same time.


Other than social proof notifications, one way that influences the audience in making a positive decision is widgets. Eye-catching and informative, these widgets lure the audience to stay on the website and take action - be it make a purchase, subscribe or order a plan!

Types of widgets -


These imposing widgets used to make an announcement never go missing out of the visitor's sight and hence they are used to make important announcements to create FOMO such as discounts & offers.

CTA Widgets

Best for funneling traffic from the homepage to popular areas of the digital workplace such as social media links, sale timers, and video popups. It is an easy and quick way to direct users to where they need to go.

Social Feed Widgets -

These widgets allow real-time customers to share their ideas, views, and reviews about your offering on the website which results in new traffic and improves the website's ranking on search engines.


Social-proof marketing is no more a new concept. Every brand, every agency, and every business time and again proves the benefit of FOMO and social-proof marketing. With an in-depth understanding, below are the few real-life examples of brands that adopted social marketing and created a successful conversion rate and loyal customer base worldwide.


Through an in-line social proof notification, E-bay lets the audience know the number of the product available. This helps E-bay create FOMO resulting in an increased conversion rate.


Hubspot uses social proof into subscribing popup to encourage marketers to join their email list by showing the number of existing subscribers.


Tech products like HootSuite use Facebook social like plugins which show many likes & fan following.


For years, McDonald’s has been successfully using this conversion boost tactic by showing the number of people they have served which helped them in building trust in the customers.


Social proof is one of the best marketing weapons but it is important to analyze, understand, and strategize the plan so that you can reap the best benefits for your brand or your customer.

Familiarize yourself with the customers and target market and choose wisely the best form of social proof according to your requirements.

It’s time you re-invent and revolutionize your marketing strategies and connect with loyal customers who stay with you longer than you can ever imagine!