How To Increase Your Woocommerce Store Sales?

How To Increase Your Woocommerce Store Sales?
Ways to increase WooCommmerce Sales

You've probably heard that one of the essential parts of any eCommerce store is the ability to sell more products and make more money. But how do you go about it? What strategies can you use to achieve this goal? In this article, we'll share with you three simple techniques that will help you increase WooCommerce store sales and grow your business.

1. Choose A suitable theme that connects with your product

The visual design of your site or store is a massive part of what shoppers notice first.

If you're using an off-the-shelf theme, take some time to customize it before you launch your site.

If you're not a designer, hire one to create something custom just for your site, which will help you to increase WooCommerce sales.

Check out this blog for free WooCommerce themes:

10+ Free WooCommerce Themes for E-Commerce Store

2. Get ready for the holiday and festival sales

Holidays are sales events that see a lot of movement (often in the fourth quarter of the year). WooCommerce business owners have gotten accustomed to events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Other occasions, such as Singles Day in November, may significantly increase your annual sales amount.

However, keep in mind that the only way to truly profit from the holidays is to create innovative campaigns and provide special deals.

The holiday and festival sales come once a year, and those who have invested in WordPress eCommerce plugins will have the edge over those who have not.

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3. Buy Organic Traffic From Organic Leads

Organic leads are a great way to increase WooCommerce sales. You can buy traffic from Organic Leads, which has extensively researched organic keywords that convert well for your business.

Organic Leads will create content for you and send targeted traffic to increase WooCommerce sales for each of these keywords.

Their pay-per-click experts use only Google Adwords' official conversion tracking code to measure click-throughs and conversions accurately.

So you'll know exactly -

  • How much money was spent?
  • Where was it spent?
  • How many new customers were acquired as a result of that investment?

4. Start Getting Creative With Gift Sets & Keep up the Good Work

Start getting creative with gift sets, and keep up the excellent work. (Can be an opinion piece).

Gift sets are a great way to get your customers to buy multiple products in one go.

The set of two, for example, is often an attractive incentive that encourages more sales than if you were to sell each product separately.

However, let's not forget about gift wrap; even if you only offered gift wrapping on your products during sale periods, it would act as another incentive to encourage your buyers to spend more.

For example, The customer might think I love this coat, but I can't justify spending $200 when I have many other things to buy at Christmas. But hey! It comes with gift wrap!

5. Increase Your Social Media Following

It's no secret that social media can be a very effective marketing tool. It helps businesses build brand awareness, engage with customers, attract new followers, promote special offers, and more.

If you can start a conversation with your potential clients on any social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), you can attract traffic to your business website.

But, how do you find relevant people to follow? Start by targeting influencers in your industry or people who could benefit from what you have to offer.

For example,

If you are launching beauty products, you can reach out to bloggers in your niche through DM's on Twitter or Instagram.

The other way to increase WooCommerce store sales is to know your customers by Quiz that helps you get meaningful data from your clients by asking them specific questions. Based on their replies, segment and tag your customers.

Your customers will be guided through their shopping experience by the Product Recommendation Quiz, which will assist them in finding the correct items for them.

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6. Evaluate & Revise Your Strategy Every Month

Once you've created your monthly goals, evaluate how well you performed compared to your strategy and compare with your competitors.

  • What did you get done?
  • What didn't you get done? Why?

Most importantly,

  • Was it because of a resource shortage or something else (like laziness)?
  • Can you apply some of your strategies and fix that if it was a resource problem?
  • If it wasn't a resource problem, why wasn't it done, and what will you do differently next month?

WooCommerce makes selling from your WordPress site simple. However, WooCommerce lacks many of the capabilities required to run a successful online business on its own.

The greatest WooCommerce plugins you'll find here will help you generate more money from the customers you already have on your WooCommerce site.

WooCommerce plugins help with this.

Five Best WooCommerce Plugins To Increase Woocommerce Sales.

When there are thousands of plugins available on the WooCommerce marketplace?

If you are looking for WooCommerce plugins to increase your sales, look no further.

We've compiled a list of the top 5 WooCommerce plugins to keep your site running smoothly and your revenues flying.

WooCommerce Colors and Swatches for Variations in Design

When setting up a design for variations on a WooCommerce product, it's easy to forget that not all customers will be using the same operating system.

Different templates have different default color schemes, and if you're not careful, your products can appear dramatically different when viewed on other computer systems.

Most effective way:

  • It includes an easy-to-use interface for displaying color and picture palettes.
  • One best way is to create hex codes for each color or swatch you want to use and paste them into each variation in your design layout. It will impact to look better view.
  • Text, picture, and color are the three sorts of display options available in this plugin.
  • Helps to add a border to selected color swatches as an option.
  • Variation swatches can be seen on the Shop, Archive, and Category sites.
  • It will help to specify global features and swatch images for each WooCommerce product.
  • WooCommerce Color Swatches come in a variety of sizes.
  • Customers will be attracted by the clear graphical characterization of your product varieties.
  • The usage of per-product attribute swatches allows you to avoid using drop-down options on your unique items.

2. WiserNotify to increase sales by social proof notification

People's natural tendency to view an action/service as more proper when others are doing it is social proof. Consumers can save time and money by just looking at what others have done, bought, or behaved like.

WiserNotify uses visitor actions to create urgency, build trust, and increase conversions.

Getting traffic is difficult; converting it is much more difficult. WiserNotify can help you by utilizing social proof and FOMO notifications.

  • This social proof feature will notify visitors when they receive a discounted item or free shipping. Triggering FOMO will help to increase sales.

Here are a few examples of practical notification formats that inspire customers to take action.

The powerful features of WiserNotify allow you to target specific customers and display messaging that resonates with them giving you unlimited possibilities for increasing sales!

3. Gravity Forms for generating leads

If you're planning to generate leads for your business, you might want to consider using Gravity Forms.

This WordPress plugin provides an easy way to set up and manage forms, which can help turn visitors into buyers.

You can also use it to create lead capture pages optimized for conversion. Since Gravity Forms is WordPress-powered, it's completely customizable and is an excellent solution for creating professional forms.

The pricing depends on your needs, but there are plenty of features available for free or for an affordable price. It's worth checking out if you want to increase conversions and boost sales with forms or landing pages.

4. Coupon Referral Program to increase shareability.

Running a referral program is one of the best ways to grow your WooCommerce business.

The WooCommerce Coupon Referral Program Plugin allows your customers to receive coupon benefits for doing various tasks on your website, such as sharing the referral link on social media sites and sending emails.

The referral button may be customized by the admin using preset settings or custom CSS.

Users can share the referral link on social media sites and via email using the WooCommerce Coupon Referral Plugin.

Using the default settings or custom CSS, the admin may personalize the referral button to their satisfaction.

When the referrer and recommended buyers fulfill the appropriate tasks, our plugin's coupon referral program pays them with discount coupons.

For example, discount coupons are given out for sharing referral links, signing up, and making purchases through referrals.

5. WooCommerce Product Sales Report For Reporting Automation

Suppose you want to know exactly how much your WooCommerce store sales have sold over a specific period but don't want to spend all your valuable time combing through sales records and making reports. That plugin does everything for you.

  • It allows you to quickly and easily create professional reports from multiple WooCommerce store sales.
  • You can also schedule reports daily or weekly to send them directly to your email inbox when they are ready.


WooCommerce plugins can help you increase WooCommerce sales. WooCommerce is a good business decision. It would help if you considered installing WooCommerce plugins and selling them to improve your web presence and search engine rankings. These tips will help you get even more traffic, leads, and revenue from your websites. Over time, these investments will pay off amazingly for you.


  • Turn actions into social proof & improve
  • the conversion rates upto 18%
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