10+ Free WordPress Plugins To Improve Conversion Rates

10+ Free WordPress Plugins To Improve Conversion Rates
Free WordPress Plugins

Have a WordPress website and are struggling to enhance conversion rate? Want to grow your WordPress website without spending lots of money?

If you answered yes, you've come to the right place! So, without further ado, let's get started!

Lower conversion rates are a dreadful sight to see for every business. In terms of performance & sales, WordPress CRO plugins are a dependable option that ensures the best possible conversion.

However, if you've ever worked to customize or configure a WordPress site, you understand how hard it is to pick the right WordPress plugin among the vast number of options available.

So, if you're hunting for the perfect WordPress plugins for your site, don't worry!

We've compiled a list of our top 10 must-have free plugins that will help you take your business to the next level!

These WordPress plugins for company websites can help you capture visitors' attention, improve your SEO rankings, and boost sales.

So, without further ado, let's get started.

10+ Free WordPress Plugins To Drive Traffic & Conversion Rate

We've gathered a list of the best WordPress plugins for business websites in this post. You'll be able to find the right plugin for your needs, whether it's for SEO optimization, pop-up development, or improving your site's loading speed and increasing conversions and sales.

Take a look at our comprehensive list below to get started with an excellent and profitable company website in minutes:

Free WordPress SEO Plugins

One of the most effective ways to drive visitors to your website is through SEO. The plugins listed below will assist you in staying on top of your SEO game so that you may enhance and boost the number of visitors to your website.

Yoast SEO

With over 5 million active installs, Yoast SEO is among the top WordPress SEO plugins. It is a free plugin that provides nearly all of the functions needed to optimize your website.

Yoast SEO also checks your website content for readability and keywords, helping you to strike a balance between quality content and SEO.

This plugin gives ideas for how to make your blogs' structure and content better. Yoast notifies you to parts of SEO that you would otherwise neglect or forget, such as providing metadata, Internal linking.

It provides useful information and alerts you to concerns such as duplicate content, empty alt tags, and so on.

Therefore, it keeps the relevancy of the web page content while providing effective On-Page SEO suggestions.

Furthermore, it will assist you in preventing 404 issues, site optimization for social sites, linking sites to Google Search Console, creating sitemaps, and more.

All in One SEO

All in One SEO is the most effective WordPress SEO plugin. It's simple, powerful, and can help you strategically enhance your ranks.

AIOSEO provides you with 100% control over your WordPress SEO. It has over 2 million users who adore the simple interface and absence of SEO "jargon."

You can perform site audits using AIOSEO to assess how healthy your present site is and where adjustments should be made. You may customize things like meta descriptions, title tags, and more on an individual page.

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Free WordPress Plugins to Increase Website Speed

If you do not want people to leave your website, make sure it is highly fast and loads rapidly. According to some research, 83 percent of visitors anticipate a web page to load in three seconds or less, and more than 40% of visitors quit a web page if it takes longer than that. A sluggish website implies reduced visitors, fewer page views, a low conversion rate, and less revenue.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Super Cache is the most popular plugin in the WordPress plugin directory. It is a caching-focused speed plugin for WordPress, and it has a wonderful range of well-balanced features with ease of use.

You just need to download it, activate it, and go through the options. After that, press the save button, and you're good to go.

It is easy to specify cache expiration periods for certain URL strings.

Even better, this plugin is used by over a million people and has excellent evaluations on WordPress.org.

It's a simple plugin with fewer functionalities. If you have fewer options, it implies they give the greatest customization out of the box, and you'll have to fiddle with the configuration if you want anything more complicated.

Fast Velocity Minify

Fast Velocity Minify is designed for both developers and experienced users. It aids in compressing your website's CSS, JS, and HTML, allowing it to load more quickly than previously.

If you're a basic WordPress user, you may still utilize this incremental plugin; simply go to the settings page after enabling it.

Fast Velocity Minify is a plugin that emphasizes minification while also allowing expert users to fine-tune various variables to meet their specific needs.

Also, there is a "Pro Optimization" settings page with even more complex choices, with a caution that you should only mess with these settings if you're a developer who knows what you're doing.

It has a 4.8-star rating on WordPress right now.

Free WordPress Plugins for Monitoring Site performance

A WordPress website health monitor keeps track of your site's functionality and notifies you if anything goes wrong with its performance or stability. So you can deal with them before anybody else does.

Here are some dependable WordPress plugins for checking your site's performance:


With more than 4 million active users, Jetpack is among the most prominent WordPress Plugins available. It is a freemium plugin that provides a lot of features in a single package.

Monitoring is one of Jetpack's multiple touchpoints, and it allows you to track the uptime of your WordPress site along with the performance improvement. It notifies you through email if your website is currently unavailable, as well as when backup comes with the measured time.

Navigate to the plugin's Settings, specify the options, input your email address, and get notifications about your site's uptime and downtime, performance, security status, and visitor analytics.

MonsterInsights Lite

MonsterInsights Lite makes integrating your WordPress website to your Google Analytics account a breeze. You may use it to track how people reach your website and what they do once they're there.

You may use this information to capitalize on what your prospective customers enjoy in order to keep them getting back for even more.

When it comes to making content decisions for your website, the information acquired through monitoring might be helpful.

Free WordPress Form builder plugin

Whether it's a contact form or a newsletter subscription form, a form plays a vital role on a business website. Using a solid free form builder may also dramatically increase the growth of your website. Here are the free form builder plugins:


WPForms is a simple form builder for WordPress websites. It's recognized as the most beginner-friendly contact form plugin accessible since you can build and maintain intuitive forms in minutes without needing to write any code or hire a developer.

WPForms is also the most popular WordPress form builder, with over 5 million active installs and 10,000 5-star ratings.

Additional form builder plugins are:

Free WordPress Social Proof Plugins

Using Social Proof and FOMO is an excellent technique to attract visitors and turn them into buyers.

The objective is to show visitors other customers' behaviors in order to develop trust and generate urgency, which would encourage them to take action.

Visitors are more likely to buy your offerings if you show them a notification that someone has purchased them.

It's better if you build urgency by displaying time-sensitive offers to encourage people to buy sooner.

Check out the finest social proof WordPress plugins to help you sell even more earn more consumers.


Wisernotify is the most effective social proof & FOMO plugin for business websites. It boosts trust, conversion rate, and sales by showing appealing social proof alerts on your website.

You can install the social proof app and start receiving ready-to-use social proof alerts with just one click.

✓ Build trust & credibility with live visitor notifications

Show real-time purchase data to boost confidence

✓ Increase number of sign-ups with conversion notifications

✓ Show Facebook, Google & other platform reviews

✓ Show sales into notifications

Make announcements of upcoming events

✓ Create urgency with timer widget and limited-time discounts

✓ Show of your social media following

Additional Social Proof plugins include:

Free WordPress Plugins to embed social media feed

You may quickly incorporate stuff from many social platforms into your website using a social feed plugin, and it aids in increasing engagement and conversions.

Integrating social feeds into websites is a widespread trend, so have a look at the list of the finest and FREE social feed WordPress plugins below.

Smash Balloon

The nicest WordPress social media feeds plugin is Smash Balloon.

It's simple to use and packs a punch when it comes to displaying social media material on your site.

But what sets this plugin apart is that it ensures that your Facebook and Instagram integrated posts operate flawlessly.

Smash Balloon, fortunately, has its API key registered with Facebook or Instagram.You can also make as many social feeds as you want with Smash Balloon.

It's not just that, but you can start live videos from your feeds in real-time.

Similar plugins for social media feed integration,

Free A/B testing Tools for WordPress Site

If you manage a commercial website, you must test the modifications before implementing them on your live site. If something goes wrong, your website's performance and conversion rate may suffer.

Split testing (A/B testing) is essential if you want to attract more visitors and perhaps customers. That is something we can assist you with. Let's have a look at A/B testing plugins for WordPress.

Google Optimize

This plugin, formerly known as Google Content Experiments, makes it easier for you to not only take the A/B test but also the Multivariate test. Google Optimize is compatible with a large number of websites and is now connected with Google Analytics, making it ideal for testing and data collection.

It also comes with extensive data monitoring, an activity log, experimental scheduling, and a responsive visual editor to ensure your experience and testing go as smoothly as possible.

Although there is a commercial version of this, the free version can meet your testing needs and more. A/B testing using Elementor and Google Optimize is covered in detail in our article.

Alike A/B testing plugins for better performance,

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Free WordPress Popup Plugins

If you are building a new website, keep in mind that pop-ups have still been used to increase online conversion rates.

This is why you should think about some of the top WordPress pop-up plugins for your website.

Explore a few of the top plugins, analyze their functionality, and decide which one would be a good fit for your website. Check out the following WordPress pop-up plugins.

Pop-up Maker

Pop-up Maker is the most effective free WordPress pop-up plugin. It has around 400,000 active installations and a 5-star rating.

This is due to the enormous number of functions it provides. This plugin supports a wide range of layouts, including slide-outs, floating sticky, notifications, loading screens, and, most significantly, opt-in form pop-ups.

This pop-up plugin has no limitations, according to the plugin website.

If you're seeking the best pop-up plugin for WordPress, look no further.

Popup Builder, WP Popups, and Poptin are among the best pop-up builder plugins for WordPress.

Final Thoughts

And with that, we'd like to wrap our comprehensive list of 10+ free WordPress plugins for online businesses. We hope this article was useful in choosing the best option for your website to improve leads, conversion rates, and sales.

Now, it's time to take action now that you know what sort of plugins can help you get higher returns on your investments.

If you haven't utilized a conversion optimization plugin before, give one of them a shot and reap the rewards.


  • Turn actions into social proof & improve
  • the conversion rates upto 18%
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