Best Social Proof Tool features to boost Your Conversions

Best Social Proof Tool features to boost Your Conversions
Social Proof tool features

When was the last time you bought some new product without asking for reviews from a friend?

Did you ever buy something because all your friends were buying it?

We all did it, we never buy new things or subscribe to a new service without validating them, we all validate our purchases with social proof.

Yeah social proof, we use it in everyday life. But what is it exactly? Let’s see

What is social proof?

In Layman’s terms, Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior in a given situation.

In simple terms, people look to others before making any decision. If someone you know made a decision, you’re more likely to make that decision too. That’s social proof.

Social proof comes in many forms like a number of likes, reviews, ratings, endorsements, or highlighting other people’s behavior.

“Trust is the biggest hurdle. And trust largely comes from social proof.”    -Seth Godin

You know who this guy is right. Don’t buy my words, but when this guy says social proof works in marketing, you gotta believe it.

It’s not just him, big companies like Amazon, Netflix, Wix are using this concept to lower barriers while customers’ minds while buying online.

I hope that until now you have made up your mind to consider social proof in your next marketing campaign.

But you’re gonna need some tools to start using social proof on your website. Well, will get there in a minute but before you gotta consider some features and notification types which will help you get the results you want.

Here are some of the proven notification types which drive customer actions.

  1. Live

Show a live number of visitors on your website. It helps in building the trust and credibility of your website.

2. Conversions

Show the number of people signing up for your service. You can also show the conversion count in specific time durations.

3. Sales

Show sales data along with the buyer's name and product details. You can show this notification on the cart page to make visitors take action faster.

4. Video

Promote videos and show views, likes, and comments on your website. You can even add a CTA to get more people to subscribe to your youtube channel

5. Reviews

Over 92% of people read reviews before buying a product. Show reviews from real people on a product page to increase sales.

6. Limited stock

Limited stock notifications help in creating urgency. Show livestock details along with live notifications and convert more customers.

Different notification types work differently under different scenarios.

Now since you know what type of notifications you can use, you’re gonna need some pro features to make the most out of it.

Here is a list of features you should consider while buying  a social proof tool:

  1. Notification Design templates

It is always good to have options. Choosing a notification design that suits your website is really necessary. You don’t want to compromise with the look & feel of the website. Always consider buying a social proof tool that has design options available.

2. Widgets

Widgets can help you show pop-up videos, social media followers, make announcements, etc. Widgets can be a great way to show announcements.

3. Ways to show social proof notifications

Suppose you don’t want to show notifications in a certain manner. You should have options available to display notifications. Notification pop-ups don’t go with all website designs.

Notifications can be shown as a feed, pop-up or in-line text. This feature is really important if you own an app.

4. Universal Pixel

You don’t want to install pixels on every site that you want to show social proof notifications. Your tool should be able to use one pixel for multiple websites.

5. Video Pop-ups

Suppose you have a product demo that you want to show, and you don’t want to redirect customers to another site or page.

Video pop-ups are a great way to show videos on your website page without compromising the customer experience

6. AB testing

We never know which copy is working and which isn’t. It is better to test multiple copies and then go with the one that works best. In-built AB testing features can help you reap more benefits with social proof.

7. Intelligent targeting

Targeting the right audience at a right time is important when it comes to converting customers. The tool you use must be able to intelligently target an audience in a specific geographical location with applied time and display rules.

8. Reporting

You should analyze and improve your strategies on a regular basis. To improvise, you need a detailed analysis of customer behavior. Your tool should be able to provide detailed real-time analysis.

9. Multi-language support

No matter where you live, you can connect better with people in their regional language. Many social proof notification tools like WiserNotify, Nudgify are offering multi-language support for notifications.

10. Rebranding

Most social proof notifications have the branding of their own tool. In order to get the word out about your own site, you should use Rebranding where you can add your logo and brand name in the notifications.

11. GDPR compliance

You don’t want to compromise your website visitor’s data. Privacy should be the first priority of any website. Always choose a tool that complies with the General Data Protection Regulations(GDPR)

12. Support

Customer support is a must-have for any software service. You should look for tools that offer live chat support or seamless customer support from a real person (not a bot)

Let’s compare the features of the 5 best social proof tools

Best Social Proof Tools Comparison

The winner is clear with the comparison table. WiserNotify has all the features required to help you convert more customers and build trust among them.


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