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WiserNotify - New Updates ( Integrations, Features & New Languages )

Product Updates
By  Dipak S.


Quick updates on what we have done & released between 28th September to 10th Oct 2020.


11 New Integration released


Here is the integration list that we have recently released based on our client request.


  1. Yotpo
  2. Activechat
  3. aMember
  4. kartra
  5. spayee
  6. Newzenler
  7. blocksurvey
  8. livewebinar
  9. wishlistmember
  10. HeySummit
  11. DPD

Updated below integrations so they can fetch the last 30 data when you add them.


  • Aglie CRM
  • Agiled
  • Moosend
  • GetGist
  • Invoiced
  • Teamwork CRM


New Features & Enhancement 


Here are features or new functions that we have added based on our client request.


1) Recent page viewed notification


 Now, You can show page viewed count. You can show your recent page viewed count of a specific page.


2) All in one link


If this ICON option is on, the visitor will see one button icon, and by clicking on it, all links containing handles will appear. If this option is off, then the list will be shown directly on-page load.


3) Login as Sub-User directly from the Master account.


            Now the main user/admin can directly sign-in to sub-users accounts from main account itself.


4) Custom CSS & Custom Javascript


            Both options allow notification customization & many other possibilities.




5) Review notification


  • Display review if a minimum star rating is 4/5


  • “Readmore” option added into review notification.


  • Display review if it has a min. 8 characters


6) Reporting


  • See “Close” icon clicks in notification reports.


7) Conversion/purchase notification:


  • Add {{STATE}} keyword in recent signup & recent purchase notification


  • The location value is not available, then shows the visitor’s location value.


  • In the “TIME AGO” field you can set words which are said in your language for time singular and plural. You can change the position of the time using {x}. It shows time value.



8) New Language added


We have added 4 new languages on our customer’s demand which are:-


  • Tamil
  • Slovak
  • Hebrew
  • Slovenian


9) Data collector


  • Allowing to show both field email and number input in collector, subscriber & Ask notification


10) Timer


  • Add option to hide timer countdown.


  • The new template design is available


  • Add option to make it clickable

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