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Learn about 10 strategies you can use to increase urgency on your website
Strategies to increase urgency

Learn about 10 strategies you can use to increase urgency on your website

Before proceeding with the implementation of this idea, remember that the purpose of increasing the urgency of the website is not to panic and panic during the buying process, but to increase buyer's motivation, and eliminate the associated hesitation. Online shopping. In other words, don't sacrifice your user experience for quick feedback. If your customers don't have a smooth shopping experience on their first visit, they probably won't be able to start shopping again.

1. Display the stock level on the product page

A great way to increase the urgency of your website is to allow customers to check their stock levels in case an item is running low. It not only gives a sense of urgency to the product detail page but also provides useful information to customers. This strategy can be used to resolve the issue of abandoned carts. Showing low inventory levels with the cart page can increase urgency and increase the path to conversion.

Show stock level to create urgency

2. Remind customers with text

Whether SMS marketing is a viable option for attracting customers is still up for debate, but it is undeniable that the results generated by SMS are acceptable. SMS The SMS marketing response rate was 45%, but the email response rate was 6%. What's even more interesting is that the average open rate for promotional SMS is 90%.

Reminder customers with text SMS

3. Allow customers to see other buyers

Since scarcity is a big driver of demand, it shows your customers how many different users are interested in the same product. This affects the perceived value of the product and the urgency to buy it. Consider a classic study of scarcity and its impact on the demand for two identical cookie tins. In 1975, researchers wanted to know how people perceive cookies in two identical glass bottles. One bottle contained 10 cookies, the other contained only 2 cookies.

Increase demand by showing sales

4. Last Chance E-mail

Email marketing is seen by some as an outdated way to reach your target audience, but email remains one of the most effective ways to deliver your content. According to Drift's 2019 report, 65% of consumers surveyed use letters as one of the primary ways they interact with brands online.

E-mail marketing ROI

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5. On the day of purchase, it will only be sent for a limited time.

Adding a same-day delivery countdown timer is a simple and effective strategy that can increase the urgency of your shopping experience. Many e-commerce sites use this feature. Indeed, it is a discreet way to motivate customers to carry out purchase transactions on the spot. There's a reason e-commerce giants like Amazon are using strategies to increase their urgency. This provides users with information that can influence their purchasing decisions without disturbing them.

Free delivery timer 

6. Add a cart limit

Adding a countdown timer to your cart can be an important motivation for your customers to complete a shopping transaction. Buyers add items to their cart and forget a lot because they have to look for prices elsewhere, or just calm down and close the site. This is a great strategy to increase the urgency of the shopping process, giving customers a limited time to complete their purchase, and it helps prevent customers from using their cart as a wishlist.

Countdown timer to trigger buy action

7. Use chatbots to generate sales

In today world, everyone demands some special attention this makes them feel special and if you are able to deliver this treatment to your client. Then mark my words that client would be always loyal to you till he enjoys the same quality of services. A chatbot help you in doing this. It is an automatic lead and sales management system that exactly shows the customer has demanded.

Either through chatting or through there past buying experience which it has stored in its database.

chatbot tools

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8. Not informing customers of the end of the promotion

It seems counterintuitive, but the exact time of the end of the promotion is not known. It's a great way to give buyers a sense of urgency. There is a possibility that the cart abandonment rate will increase to postpone the order, as there is still time to communicate the exact end-of-sale time to the customer, find out what the customer needs and end the sale. These customers rarely forget to refer them back to their website to complete their purchase unless there is a strong re-engagement method such as abandoning the cart email campaign.

Cart abandonment rate

9. Set the offer

Make your urgent quote more attractive by personalizing it.

For example, keep track of which pages or items your visitors viewed on your website and offer interest discounts.

Or, if you would like to recover leads who abandoned your cart, please send us an email stating that we have limited time to return the product and purchase the product under review.

Reminder email

10. Does not feel the urgency

Check your sales channels to see where your best leads are lost.

Then look for ways to increase the urgency of your marketing at these critical times.

For example, if people tend to leave your website after putting something in their cart, adding a countdown timer to the cart page can remind people that the sale is ending soon.

Create urgency by showing limited stock


With the increase in the e-commerce sector customers are feeling more relaxed and secure when buying from a trusted brand but if you are new in this e-commerce retail then it is advisable to use these tactics carefully. As creating an unnecessary urgency may cause suspicion in the mind of customers.