Why Social Proof?


Wins Customers' Trust

The concept is that people will follow the actions of the masses. Trust can be gained quickly by showing live & recent customer's activities on your site.


Grow Conversion Rates up to 18%

Social proof also creates urgency & FOMO, which ends up to influencing buy decision. It converts visitors into customers, increasing conversion rates.


Measure performance & ROI

WiserNotify enables you to understand audience behaviour on notification & helps you to manage your future customer engagement strategies.

Notifications Tailored To Your Needs


Simple yet effective. The Live notification enables you to show the number of people that are logged or live on to your website at the same time as your customer. This notification portrays your website as busy and popular.

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With this notification, you can show your potential customers about the recent signups or other website activities. It is a useful technique and helps immensely in building customers' trust.

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Bulk notification represents a mass action taken on the website. Whether it is a bulk sale or sign-ups, you can show your potential customers that your site is hot and happening!

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Limited Stock

Notifying your customers about the restricted stock, this type of notification creates urgency. It urges your customers to make decisions faster by informing them about a fleeting opportunity to buy premium products.

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Just three steps

Install Your Pixel
Copy & Paste the pixel before end of head tag
Create Campaign
Creating a campaign is a child's play. Create your own now!
Go Live
Launch, sit back &relax!

Benefits of WiserNotify

Amplified Sales

Social Proofs burns a positive brand image of your company in your customers' minds and motivates them to take action.

Brand Popularity

Showing live visitor activities, no. of signup & purchases on your website with geolocation shows that site is popular.

Call To Action

Link the notifications with a call to action & connect notification to a page where you'd like customers to be, or merely forward them.


Occult mixture of positive online reviews and ratings, coupled with high-quality products, can buckle down customers for life.

Influence visitor

When potential customers see people from a nearby locality buying from site, they instantly relate & influence buying decision.

Credibility & Trust

When people hear about your brand from real people, they trust your brand and also establishes your brand as a prominent one.

We're ubiquitous.


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